Polish corrupt judge rejects application for abducted children from Canada

I am saddened , but not surprised, to hear that Polish court rejected yet another  application under Hague Convention International law to return abducted children of [link id=’791′ text=”Steven Watkins”] to Poland by their mother. This pattern of blind Polish nationalism during international custody cases is a typical shameful occurrence.

Polish authorities fail to understand that child abductions are real crime. To this day, Poland does NOT recognize parental abductions as crimes. Pathetic regimes of many previous Polish governments for years promised to change this situation, yet nothing has changed. But they DO make really loud noises about visa free traveling to United States.

I presume that the father has still the option to appeal to the second level court, but the children have been already brainwashed after over 2 years of legal feed dragging by Polish judicial system of [in]justice.

Here is link to the blog of Stephen Watkins with the latest news about his children. You may want to follow him on Twitter and Facebook as well.


4 thoughts on “Polish corrupt judge rejects application for abducted children from Canada”

  1. the mother has rights TOO!
    btw this site is openly and outrageously anti-polish – what does that act of hatred have to do with the abduction which is a private family tragedy ?

    1. Anti Polish? NO, only anti Polish corruption. Nothing more, nothing less. You represent a typical mentality of Polish “we are the best, we have no faults” crowd. But life proofs otherwise. A lot of Poles from Poland fail to recognize that corruption in their country only makes their lives worse. Corrupt judges, prosecutors, police, and politicians are the cause that many of Poles leave Poland to settle somewhere else.

      BTW, it is NOT a personal issue if a government signs a convention and later decides to ignore it. IF you believe that child kidnappings are not a big deal, then…. one of these days similar “personal” issue may become your own experience. Maybe then,you will see what others say. This is NOT an issue of mothers vs fathers, it is an issue of kidnapped children by one of the parents, who happen to be both mothers and fathers. Taking a child by one parent without a consent by the other is not a “return to a homeland”, it is a kidnapping. If I used your logic, murdering somebody one could also describe as “performing a very late term abortion”. I hope you do not support this type of nonsense.

  2. It’s true that polish courts are blind and unfortunately instead fighting injustice they just participate in these crimes, polish nationalism is a reality but the other reality is that only few judges are really aware of european and international conventions, it’s a real shame.
    The other sad point is that in Poland husbands = fathers are discriminated, mothers kidnapping children are just awarded by stupid judges who automatically recognize mothers the parental autority … things are changing, new lawyers are trained, european Human rights court in Strasbourg is condeimning regularly polish state for lack of respect of parental rights (article 8 of the european human right convention).

    If the polish ministry of justice does not make any efforts to change the situation polish courts will be further condeimned and will be obliged to apply by force the judgements.

    If kidnapping a citizen is a crime, kidnapping and hiding a child is a double crime, if not we can consider that kidnapping is not a crime in Poland because not penalized … therefore it’s not possible to speak about Poland as a State of law but a State where jungle law prevails.

    1. Exactly the same point I made during my last court appearance. I also made another one – it should be criminal by the officers of the court to teach people (specially the abducted children) that crime pays, that disobeying the law is acceptable social behavior.

      Well one sad truth in Poland is – being a judge in Poland is not a noble and as prestigious as being an attorney. If you cannot make as a attorney, you turn into the judgeship. Being a prosecutor is even worse. You are a political apparatchik/bureaucrat who must “behave”, if he/she wants to be promoted in the future. Sadly, the same rules applies for the judges. Any judge that goes against the hierarchy never moves, even if it is a good judge. But I here this is not only a Polish problem. Most of EU follows the same model. Model, that invites distrust and … corruption.

      In America is the complete opposite. Being a judge is a coronation of any lawyer’s carrier (in federal courts). State, county, city judges are being elected to their posts.

      Being born in Poland it really aches me to say all of these thing, but unfortunately Poles have government that they deserve. The 50+ of communist has destroyed social fiber. Socialist mentality and distrust towards government is so deep that it will take generations to change it. The existing system still deeply rooted in the law of all communist Poland.

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