Canadian children who still have to be returned by Poland – Poland’s hypocrisy still alive and kicking.

Few thoughts on corruption in Poland and its effect on parental child abductions; case of Steven Watkins still not resolved.

Poland through the windows of a train.

As I did my periodical google search on news about international abductions today, one of the old and familiar cases popped out. The case of Stephen Watkins of Canada and his two abducted boys, who were illegally detained by corrupt Polish judges with their national socialist mentality that considers every child abducted to their country to be a “Polish” child. Sounds familiar (can you spell P-u-t-i-n)?

According to the article I found today, there are still 240 unresolved cases of international parental child kidnappings in Canada. There are thousands in the USA. Poland after being a signatory to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction since 1995 is still the top offender in international rankings of the implementation of this law.

It is a major problem, but it is only a reflection of a bigger issue that is facing my native Poland.

I keep hammering the basic problem that I have with my native Poland, and its current and previous regimes. The Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, has been tooting his horn  Continue reading “Canadian children who still have to be returned by Poland – Poland’s hypocrisy still alive and kicking.”

Abducted children tell what they feel about being kidnapped;something every judge, parent, grandparents, prosecutor and politician should know.

It is very difficult to argue with people about parental abductions, who have never experience this crime, either by being directed affected by them or witnessing other people going through the ordeal.  It is even more difficult to actually hear the real victims of times of these abductions – the children themselves. There are way too many people in Poland (and Germany, and Sweden, and Switzerland…) who dismiss the severity of parental abductions. Their standard “don’t worry, your children will come back to you when they turn 18,20” is just unbelievably ignorant. This is the main reason I am still trying to change the culture of tolerance for this evident child abuse in Poland. Yes, “Left-behind” parents (don’t you love this “nice” description of victimized parents?) are hurting, and most of the time, hurting very much, but the real crime is being done to the children themselves.

A recent abduction to Poland by a mother of two girls refreshed the time I had to go through the same questions, feelings, desperation. First days, weeks, months of nightmares, when I  realized that my Amelia and Daniel could never come back to their home in California.  I read a lot of books, blogs, articles on the subject of parental abduction, and very closely related Parental Alliteration Syndrome.  The weapon of choice, used by the parent-kidnappers to wipe the other ones from child’s life, and to excuse his/her actions in the eyes of the child.  However, no matter how many books one can read, they will NEVER accurately describe the horror, which accompanies a little girl or boy, Continue reading “Abducted children tell what they feel about being kidnapped;something every judge, parent, grandparents, prosecutor and politician should know.”

There ARE some good judges and prosecutors in Poland.

As I continue watching a new case of another child abducted to Poland (Anika Kamiński), I realized one thing:  I have never acknowledged a group of judges and prosecutors who ARE doing their jobs in Poland. Attorneys who DO follow the law in regards to Hague Convention cases. Many times going against their own colleagues, Polish media, and very common, blind Polish nationalism. Many times these representatives of the law in Poland,  dearly pay with their personal carriers and are being discriminated by politicians and corrupt bosses.

Up until now, I never used the names of any particular individuals, who were involved in my cases throughout the years. I didn’t see any reason to create any unnecessary spectacle. I simply believed that keeping things in the courts, without media circus would be best for the case and the children. I only went to Polish media twice, in order to solicit their help in finding my children.  Telling my story publicly, was the price that the newspapers demanded in exchange for publishing the pictures of Amelia and Daniel.  The story that came out was slanted towards the mother, but still,  I thought worth the price of getting the message out.

Today, however, since the Hague Convention law became irrelevant in my case  I decided, that it is the time to break my silence. At least,  acknowledging the good, if not name the bad or corrupt (I am still thinking about it), must be done. It is the right thing to do.

In my case, the example of good is represented by  Judge Hanna Ostaszewska, who originally adjudicated my Hague Convention application case in Regional Family Court in  Gdańsk. She is the one who needs to be recognized at this time. Continue reading “There ARE some good judges and prosecutors in Poland.”

American father looses his daughter to Russian wife.

The story of Joshua Izzard is typical: as he traveled to Rome, his Russian wife decided to “return” to her homeland. Besides two suitcases, she took their daughter, the “burgeoning chip” in the war with her husband.

A crying girl with her father
Photo by Oleg Sidorenko under Creative Commons 2.0 License

The story of Joshua Izzard is  very typical: as he traveled to Rome, his Russian wife decided to “return” to her homeland. Besides two suitcases, she took their daughter, the “burgeoning chip” in the war with her husband.

Joshua’s story is not different of thousands of others. Among other examples of  unresolved cases of parental abductions, the article mentions our “own” Gerardo Serrano. His son Mycah, was abducted to Poland by the mother of the boy 13 years ago. Yes, Mycah is almost adult (he is 17), and to this day blames his father for …. the abduction. Mycah, is very angry at his father, and does not believe in parental abduction syndrome.

Continue reading “American father looses his daughter to Russian wife.”

Polish corrupt judge rejects application for abducted children from Canada

I am saddened , but not surprised, to hear that Polish court rejected yet another  application under Hague Convention International law to return abducted children of [link id=’791′ text=”Steven Watkins”] to Poland by their mother. This pattern of blind Polish nationalism during international custody cases is a typical shameful occurrence.

Polish authorities fail to understand that child abductions are real crime. To this day, Poland does NOT recognize parental abductions as crimes. Pathetic regimes of many previous Polish governments for years promised to change this situation, yet nothing has changed. But they DO make really loud noises about visa free traveling to United States.

I presume that the father has still the option to appeal to the second level court, Continue reading “Polish corrupt judge rejects application for abducted children from Canada”