Rochester Man, Abducted as a Child By His Mother, Advocates For Tougher Laws

Rochester Man, Abducted as a Child By His Mother, Advocates For Tougher Laws
By Seth VoorheesUpdated Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. — A Rochester man who suffered through parental abduction as a child was in Albany on Tuesday to fight for tougher laws that will prevent other children going through a similar trauma.Scott Berne is pushing for tougher legislation against parental abductions.  “My mother did not serve one day of jail time for kidnapping me,” Berne said. “Thirty years ago, it’s the same law.  It’s a slap on the wrist.””This is an issue with enormous long term consequences for children,” said Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, D-Yonkers.Berne joined and state Sen. Patty Ritchie, co-sponsors of the Custodial Interference/Recovery of Missing Children Act.”It really changes the dynamic pretty dramatically, and it puts us in a better position to protect kids when those laws are enhanced,” said Ed Suk, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.According to the Justice Department, 200,000 children are abducted by their parents each year in the U.S., but in New York state, it’s just a misdemeanor.”During those two years, we changed names constantly, didn’t go to school, had no friends, faced constant abuse from her,” Berne said.

My children are still too young to “get it”. They are still living in a delusional world, and believe that their mother actually cares for them. Well, nobody can’t be helped in a situation when emotions compete with truth and facts.

My and many other children will have to arrive to the truth on their own.

As far as I am concerned?  I really don’t care what my children think any more.

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Polish media defend Polish mother who “returned” with children to Poland….as usual.

Two girls abducted from Spain to Poland by their mother, have been ordered to be returned to their father by court in Suwalki, before the appeal process is finished.

This story is an example where a Polish court did something right and decided to order the return of two girls from Poland to Spain. The mother of 7-year-old Nicole and 4-year-old Daria, Iwona Czygier, decided to “return” to Poland, claiming to have received the permission of the Spanish father. The court decided differently.

As this case indicates, both girls CAN be returned to Spain immediately, and the need for the appeal process to be finished is not required. This is something new, as far as I know.  The case seems to be very typical: mother could not find herself in a new country, and after problems with the father of her children reached “the point of no return” – she packed both daughters and left Spain for Poland. The parents are not married, but still, the Polish court in Suwalki decided that both girls must return back to Spain.  Ms. Iwona Czygier, the mother, refuses to return with the girls back to Spain, as she sees no future for herself there.
The article claims that both girls want to stay with the mother, and since she refused to go back with them, this qualifies as an exception included in article 13b of the Hague Convention. Article 13b gives courts the right to refuse the order to return if

there is a grave risk that his or her return would expose the child to physical or psychological
harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation

It is the most abused article of the convention by all countries since its clearly vague wording seem to leave a lot of room for interpretation[…and boy, most judges in EU are VERY loose on over-interpreting the above sentence].
However, this gentleman has not done his homework and did not learn what the Polish and worldwide legal practices and precedents say about rules in the application of article 13b.  All legal scholars and high courts insist on a very narrow and strict application of the exception included in article 13b. As the decision of the court in Suwalki proved, the mere refusal to return with the children by the abducting parent cannot be used as a valid condition for 13b. Same goes for alleged psychological harm being done due to the separation of the children from the abducting parent. The stupidity of this argument is so unbelievable, that it shows how irrational the person invoking it is: “separating my children from me is harmful, but separating from the father is … good, actually, very good!“.

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When well meaning people get duped into helping lairs – 2012 Parental abduction from Australia epilogue

Melissa and Troy Thomson duped by a kindapper

Not so long ago, I wrote a post praising Australian TV show “60 minutes” about the impartial coverage of international child abduction of 4 children by an Australian mother Laura Garrett from their Italian father  Tommaso Vincenti.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the followup broadcast by the same reporter, Tara Brown, which uncovers how evil and manipulating the mother really was. It was published at the end of 2013. The shocking part (not for me though) was about how another Australian family, Melissa and Troy Thomson decided to get involved and help the “poor” mother. The family, which helped to organize financial help for the kidnapper, how they help to stage the media dramatic events, how their teenage daughter coached Tommaso’s daughters to stage “spontaneous” outbursts of rage for the only purpose – gain public sympathy, shock the TV viewers. All, to prevent the return to Italy.

In the interview, Melissa Thomson admits regret in helping Garrett. “I was made part of this by deception.” Both Melissa and Troy acknowledged that thanks to their actions Laura received tens of thousands of dollars for legal defense.  What happened to all of the money? Who knows. Continue reading “When well meaning people get duped into helping lairs – 2012 Parental abduction from Australia epilogue”

When journalists do their job right; An Australian abduction case where the government colluded with the kidnapper.


It is quite an unusual event for the liberal media to be impartial in reporting any custody cases, especially the international ones. This story is more so unbelievable, because the Australian 60 minutes team ( Tara Brown and Michael Usher) did an amazing investigative work in exposing its own government officials who knowingly participated in organizing, and executing the kidnapping of 4 girls by their Australian mother from their Italian father, which took almost 4 years of planning.

Both countries are not known for having very little regard for fathers, or men in general, in their societies. That’s why the female Australian ambassador in Italy colluded knowingly in facilitating the kidnapping process, even though there were many signs of manipulation and lying by the mother.

Remarkably, in a very methodical and professional manner, the folks of 60 minutes [pinch me if you will] recreated all events that led to the illegal run by the mother with her four daughters from Italy.

In the end, the children WERE [again, another unbelievable twist to this story] Continue reading “When journalists do their job right; An Australian abduction case where the government colluded with the kidnapper.”

Abducted children tell what they feel about being kidnapped;something every judge, parent, grandparents, prosecutor and politician should know.

It is very difficult to argue with people about parental abductions, who have never experience this crime, either by being directed affected by them or witnessing other people going through the ordeal.  It is even more difficult to actually hear the real victims of times of these abductions – the children themselves. There are way too many people in Poland (and Germany, and Sweden, and Switzerland…) who dismiss the severity of parental abductions. Their standard “don’t worry, your children will come back to you when they turn 18,20” is just unbelievably ignorant. This is the main reason I am still trying to change the culture of tolerance for this evident child abuse in Poland. Yes, “Left-behind” parents (don’t you love this “nice” description of victimized parents?) are hurting, and most of the time, hurting very much, but the real crime is being done to the children themselves.

A recent abduction to Poland by a mother of two girls refreshed the time I had to go through the same questions, feelings, desperation. First days, weeks, months of nightmares, when I  realized that my Amelia and Daniel could never come back to their home in California.  I read a lot of books, blogs, articles on the subject of parental abduction, and very closely related Parental Alliteration Syndrome.  The weapon of choice, used by the parent-kidnappers to wipe the other ones from child’s life, and to excuse his/her actions in the eyes of the child.  However, no matter how many books one can read, they will NEVER accurately describe the horror, which accompanies a little girl or boy, Continue reading “Abducted children tell what they feel about being kidnapped;something every judge, parent, grandparents, prosecutor and politician should know.”