Reżimy się zmieniają, mentalnolść stadna polactwa nie.

Przyznaję bez bicia – od jakiegoś czasu zaprzestałem regularnego wyszukiwania wiadomości na temat uprowadzeń dzieci przez rodziców do Polski by zaoszczędzić sobie niepotrzebnych stresów.

Dzisiaj złamałem tą zasadę i … dostałem co chciałem. Następne wołanie polskich mediów o większą tolerancję w sprawach uprowadzeń dzieci do Polski (wiadomo, każde dziecko to “polskie” mimo, że nigdy to momentu uprowadzenia ani dnia nie przebywało w krainie nad Wisłą, a obywatelstwo polskie dopiero trzeba “uznawać” w polskich urzędach…również bez zezwolenia drugiego rodzica).

Tym razem, gazeta (elektroniczna wersja Rzeczypospolitej) publikuje artykuł z alarmującym podtekstem “Sądy zbyt pobieżnie badają porwania rodzicielskie z zagranicy”.  Pismactwo zaprezentowane przez autorkę tekstu – Dorota Gajos-Kaniewską – to nie wyjątek , ale epidemia głupoty dziennikarskiej panująca w Polsce, równie częsta (niestety) poza granicami ojczyzny. Rok po podobnym artykule popełnionym przez – Jagodę Kuraś – redakcja Rzeczypospolitej postanowiła odświeżyć temat. Wiadomo, tani populizm, nawet wtedy gdy godzi w praworządność (tak bardzo poszukiwaną przez wszystkich… rzekomo) lub czyjąś godność, łatwo sprzedaje gazetę, i niezbyt trudno jest obronić bez przestawiania faktów przed “bezdusznymi”, ale ciągle podpisanymi, międzynarodowymi konwencjami.
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Testimonial of a grown up child affected by abuse of PAS- the story of Ryan Thomas

RyanThomas - victim of PAS tells his story
Ryan Thomas with his dead, before and today.

I’ve been writing about Parental Alienation Syndrome – something that goes hand in hand with international children abductions – from the beginning.  When my children where taken to Poland in 1998 for  Christmas Holidays, I had had no idea that such a devious thing could exist. A mental abuse inflicted by the mother of her own child in order to “win” with me was  impossible to understand. She, a teacher, used as a weapon in her war with me, her 2 and 3 year old own children.

There are plenty of books written on the subject, but the were no testimonials available for others to see. Thank God for Youtube and the democratisation of the media. No main stream media, usually with a political agenda, is needed to present a story of abuse. Unfortunately, as the statistics show, the abuse of Parental Alienation Syndrome cones mainly from mothers. Persons in everybody’s life that are associated only with love.  There are many examples that this stereotype is far from the truth.

The story of Ryan Thomas is not about international abduction, but the mental abuse is the guy, is VERY real, and close to experiences that I and my both abducted children experienced. It took Ryan over three decades to come to the terms, and rebuild his relationship with his dad. My Amelia and Daniel, even though they are already in collage age, are still not willing to face the truth, and begin to ask basic questions about their story. They still prefer ignorance from taking the responsibility for their own lives. Continue reading “Testimonial of a grown up child affected by abuse of PAS- the story of Ryan Thomas”

Eileen Clark is finally back in US to face justice; released after guilty plea.

As Eileen Clark finally had to face the music in US, the federal prosecutors decided to go easy on parental abductor. They let her plea guilty and …. sent her home, as if nothing of last 20 years actions had no meaning. Disgusting.

Heathrow T5 - fot. by Warren Rohner

A peace of good news that happened 3 months ago, that I missed  – an article from July of this year, about a mother who finally is facing justice in America for act of parental abduction. It is another followup post  to a story that I have already wrote about in the past.

Finally, Eileen Clark, the kidnapper of her own children, who was on the run for 20 was extradited to US and is facing the musing in American Court in Albuquerque, where she faced federal charges related to international child abduction. She was handed over to US marshals at the Heathrow Airport on July 3rd, and immediately flowed to US for prosecution.

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When journalists do their job right; An Australian abduction case where the government colluded with the kidnapper.


It is quite an unusual event for the liberal media to be impartial in reporting any custody cases, especially the international ones. This story is more so unbelievable, because the Australian 60 minutes team ( Tara Brown and Michael Usher) did an amazing investigative work in exposing its own government officials who knowingly participated in organizing, and executing the kidnapping of 4 girl by their Australian mother from their Italian father, which took almost 4 years of planning.

Both countries are not known for having very little regard for fathers, or men in general, in their societies. That’s why the female Australian ambassador in Italy colluded knowingly in facilitating the kidnapping process, even though there were many signs of manipulation and lying by the mother.

Remarkably, in a very methodical and professional manner, the folks of 60 minutes [pinch me if you will] recreated all events that led to the illegal run by the mother with her four daughters from Italy.

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Abducted children tell what they feel about being kidnapped;something every judge, parent, grandparents, prosecutor and politician should know.

It is very difficult to argue with people about parental abductions, who have never experience this crime, either by being  directed affected by them, or witnessing other people going through the ordeal.  It is even more difficult to actually hear the real victims of times of these abductions – the children themselves. There are way too many people in Poland (and Germany, and Sweden, and Switzerland…) who dismiss the severity of parental abductions. Their standard “don’t worry, your children will come back to you, when they turn 18,20” is just unbelievably ignorant. This is the main reason I am still trying to change the culture of tolerance for this evident child abuse in Poland. Yes, “Left-behind” parents (don’t you love this “nice” description of victimized parents?) are hurting, and most of the time, hurting very much, but the real crime is being done to the children themselves.

A recent abduction to Poland by a mother  of two girls, refreshed the time I had to go through the same questions, feelings, desperation. First days, weeks, months of a nightmares, when I  realized that my Amelia and Daniel could never come back to their home in California.  I read a lot of books, blogs, articles on the subject of parental abduction, and very closely related Parental Alliteration Syndrome.  The weapon of choice, used by the parent-kidnappers to wipe the other ones from child’s life, and to excuse his/her actions in the eyes of the child.  However, no matter how many books one can read, they will NEVER accurately describe the horror, which accompanies a little girl or boy, Continue reading “Abducted children tell what they feel about being kidnapped;something every judge, parent, grandparents, prosecutor and politician should know.”