Another Polish mother decides to “return” to Poland taking illegally child.

I received a comment from Craig Michael, a father from Cyprus, whose child was abducted to Poland by a Polish woman,his former partner Marta. Attached is the story from the Cyprus Reporter.


This story is a very typical child abduction case (believe it or not). Same “reasons”, same events, and the same results. It is like a bad sequel, if it wasn’t a real very tragic and exhausting situation. Another child abducted by a clearly unscrupulous, with no morals woman, whose only concerned was her, not her daughter. Shameful indeed.

As in many other cases, Polish judicial system is failing. Unable, or rather, unwilling to fulfill its obligation according to the domestic and international law. Very typical.

Hopefully, her father will have enough strength to continue the fight, and will be ultimately be reunited with  his child.

You can read the entire story here:

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    1. Don’t panic, just act. Call the State Department for help. If this JUST happened, call their hot line (, they may be able to stop her before she reaches Poland.

      If you can contact your wife, remind her that she is breaking the law, and most likely she WILL lose the Hague Convention case, when you file it. Poland IS GETTING BETTER in these cases, even though not perfect, and some idiotic outcomes can be seen. Try to reason with her (as unlikely it may seem at this point). Make her realize that should you even lose the return of the children, she WILL BE sought by Interpol worldwide, and NO CHILD SUPPORT orders from Polish court will be enforced in such cases. Poland’s economic situation has worsened in last 2 years, and more Poles are leaving the country for the job search to other EU countries. SHE WILL NOT BE protected in other EU countries, should she decide to travel.

      Give her 1-2 weeks, and act. DO NOT WAIT any longer! Time is of essence.

      Also, If the children were born in US, you may want to try to “deport” them from Poland, before she gets their Polish citizenship acknowledged (It takes 3 months, I believe). You will need to act NOW. Call embassy in Warsaw. They do have a department that deals with just like this cases (state department should be able to help you with this too) You will have to get a lawyer in Poland to help you.

      Do you know what city did she go to?

  1. She is already in Poland. She abduct the kids on Dec 3. Police and Department of State was informed immediately.
    She is so arrogant and is telling me that the kids will never go back to US. Her parents have a lots of money and helped her to abduct the kids.

    Older daughter is dual citizen, the younger one is Polish one only.

    1. Well, citizenship of the children has no meaning in Hague Convention cases. If the kids where born in US, their Polish citizenship would have to be recognized / acknowledged by the district authority (wojewoda). The ONLY thing that matters is the habitual residency of the children, before the abduction, or illegal retention (if you wife traveled under fault pretenses to “visit” family for example).
      Anyway, hire a lawyer here in US to get the FULL custody of your children. This will provide you with a VERY powerful defense for the future.
      Do NOT waste any money on “exotic” motions by your attorneys, here in US that relate to the Hague Convention itself. JUST custody and divorce (should you decide to go that route). Attorneys LOVE to file unnecessary motion to “try new things” at your expense. You will need plenty of money to fight for your kids in Poland.

      The evil in-laws are biggest problem. Instead of doing the right and reasonable thing, they provide the resources to harm their own grandchildren, and children as well. Very selfish indeed.

  2. Listen to Bogdan. Do everything he says as quickly as you can. Do it. Don’t think about it, don’t ask your friends because they don’t know shit about these things. You need to attack and go on the offensive. It has t been long and you might have a chance. If after what Bogdan wrote, you weren’t out the door on the way to the state department, you should be now.
    Now, other options. And think carefully. I will now say I don’t agree with these things for legal reasons. But here is the truth. Poland is not a wealthy nation. Many bad men are willing to do bad things for not a lot of money. You most likely will spend a lot more on lawyers. It could make a bad situation worse and you can use this option now or later. But don’t let these kidnappers get away with this evil.
    Next, it might look very bad if say, I don’t know, you ex forgot to take her items with her that homeland security mind find interesting and want a terrorist brought back for questioning. I’d go with this route. Best way to get her back quickly. Governments don’t protect them.
    Whatever you decide, do it now!

  3. Unfortunately, the author is ill-informed regarding the facts of this case. Craig Michael is a manipulative and corrupt individual as his father. Moreover, the version of events given in this article differs somewhat from that given by the mother. A number of men in fact broke into Marta’s parent’s house, used some sort of spray on her parents and then battered them before taking the child. Furthermore, Craig has a history of violence towards women and drug taking. I would suggest that the author conducts his research more thoroughly in future.

    1. And… who should we trust? Really? People whose actions were illegal, testimonies recognized to be untrustworthy by the courts, and finally people who admitted publicly to lie about EVERYTHING, as far as their cases of abductions are concerned? I am sorry, but NOBODY is buying these fabricated excuses of alleged violence against women. Women who kidnap their own children for their own selfish reasons and use the same false allegations in courts all over the world. Marta Swiniarska like many others NEVER went to the Police in Cyprus. In every story reported by Polish media since 2011 only blind people could not see the lies and twists to her versions of “the truth”. Same goes for others (and not necessarily women). It is hard to keep the story straight, when you have to lie about it. Sooner or later, the liars slip, “improve” their lies and…get caught.

      BTW, all the support that women get in the western countries today actually put man in a major disadvantage when there is a custody fight. Many times man are being forced to defend themselves in courts for years against heartless and immoral women, who fabricate the accusations with no hesitation. Luckily, there is more awareness about this type of crime, and in United States women like that get prison time.

      I don’t know if Craig Michael is manipulative, or how he was able to recover his child – and I DO NOT CARE, because these facts (as much as they may be exciting for some people), DO NOT MATTER to the basic issue of Krysia’s abduction. It is MARTA SWINIARSKA who was the KIDNAPPER in this story. Not Craig, but SHE IS the one being the fugitive on the run from Cyprus justice system. She CAN return to Cyprus and face the music there, but she won’t, will she?

  4. Mike, I have just come across your comment on this website. Our family was recently in the same position as you are now. We tried lawyers / courts etc believing the “system” would help us – wrong !!! Long story short, we were able to get help from a company who was able to get our loved one back. If you are interested or think it may help, I would be happy to share their details with you, I am sure they could help you in some way.
    All the best.

  5. Thanks for your uninformed comment ,. obviously repeated from the ABDUCTOR’S false accusations all disproved in 2 different courts in 2 different country’s .. dont worry it was all filmed for a top I.T.V documentary airing next month worldwide called ABDUCTED , WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE ACTUAL MOMENT ME AND the C.A.R.I agent recovered my poor child , absolutely no violence was used against them ,. in fact it was the other way round ,. pepper spray was used as a deference when we were attacked by the abductor’s father,

    there is also allot more to this that hasn’t been previously disclosed

    Abducted as a little baby 3 years ago, taken away from her older sister, been on the run, held as a prisoner, vanished off the radar for 2 years, exposed to pedophiles and pornography are just a few ‘facts’ about little Crystals story which has been covered by the media both in Poland and Cyprus over the years.

    A desperate fathers journey and struggle to fight and bet the somewhat rubbish system even after winning the Hague and all appeals, when all was against him including a failed attempt to have his older daughter kidnapped by hired criminals.

    Corrupt court officials taking over 2 years to try and locate this little angel, yet it took CARI 11hrs to locate her and recover her safely 10 days later!!

    A very sad story with a very happy ending as 2 sisters are reunited again……

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