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  1. My partners daughter was illegaly retained in Poland in January 2011. A wretched place for sure. I feel for you as I see your pain in my partners eyes every day. I am constructing a website and I would very grateful if you would link to our website.


    • Dear Anthony,

      I visited Zuzia’s website. She is such a adorable girl! The case of Zuzia is a living testament that this crime is committed only by mothers (although women seem to have a major lead in it). Parents like this kidnapped (or illegally retain) their children not because they love them, but hate “the other” site more; they use their own children as a weapon to retaliate. It is sad, it is pathetic, it is unforgivable.
      Yet, the vast majority of Polish media still doesn’t get it; neither do politicians nor judges in Poland. For them it is narrow minded nationalism over law and justice.
      One thing that Left behind parents have, that others living outside Europe do not is the distance and better opportunity for “self help” (in you know what I mean).

  2. Bogdan,

    I think you have not read the website properly. Zuzia is my partners daughter. Maybe I need to make this clearer. I will send you a pm to clarify this.

  3. Wiadomość dla Amelii i Daniela: Gdybyście chcieli skontaktować się ze mną zadzwońcie przez Skypa …to najlepiej pozwoli nam ustalić prawdziwe namiary i przesieje ludzi, którzy próbują się pod was podszywać z anonimowych adresów Googla i innych … 🙂

  4. My ex-wife is from Poland and our 3 year old son is from the U.S. which also makes him a Polish citizen. She has 7 cases against her including 37 felony charges. She has even attempted suicide last month. I received Temporary Sole Physical and Sole Legal custody with her receiving supervised visitation. The judge is pondering giving her visitation again but wants to make sure that the Polish Embassy or the U.S. does not provide a passport for my 3 year old son since she is an extreme flight risk. The judge feels that he can just order the Polish Embassy in the U.S. and the State Dept to not issue a Polish or U.S. passport. From my research, this is impossible and not a safeguard. Who can I talk to or who can I get to testify that these types of passport restrictions are simply impossible. Help please!

    • Dear Randy,

      Did you contact the State Department? Have you looked at the state department page that talks about steps you can do, to at least, minimize the risk .
      One thing you can do, is to put your son’s information to a federal watch databases. There are pages for attorneys and judges
      I would suggest that you familiarize yourself VERY closely what your options are. I would even ask the judge to consider that the mother should surrender her Polish passport; she should sign an appropriate affidavit to agree that custody jurisdiction belongs to US courts, and in case should should remove your son to Poland it would in fact be an illegal abduction. This WILL simplify your case in Poland should she decide to “return”. If you do these things, your will be in MUCH BETTER off situation than the parents who were caught off guard.

      I am not an attorney, so I cannot give you any legal advice, but do work with your attorney. Judge is obviously very uniformed about what he/she can do. However, it seems that this judge sees the problem and is willing to work with your – good thing, very good thing. You CAN suggest to the judge to do some research on cases from Poland by calling the State Department, and ask about MY CASE, why Poland and its courts decided to ignore the convention law, and how was it possible for someone hiding children from the court, suddenly get the custody by another court, against existing enforceable court order… in the same city.same court building…I have a very hard time to understand why. all of the sudden, Poland has disappeared from the State Department list of countries not cooperating in Hague Convention Cases. Our government is also full of crap, if you ask me, but again, maybe my and many other cases are “special”,and children involved do not diserve the protection of U.S. government.

      Do NOT panic. Do NOT be unreasonable; It is first of all about your son, and any personal feelings towards his mother should not be your guidance. If your wife willingly signs all the court papers,gives up her passport(s)(including Polish), this could be actually a good sign (I talked to a father who’s wife refused, AND this became a tell-tell indication for the court about her intentions). By letting her see your son, I believe, could help her in getting better, and convince her that you are not there to get revenge, or get even….

      Good luck.

      • Robert Bailey says:

        I need some help—my wife and i are in the middle of a bitter divorce. I beleive she will soon “return” to Poland with our two children, having recently found her accessing a roadmap to Poland. I tried emailing the webaddress under contact but it was returned. Can someone give me an email i can contact someone to speak to about the steps i can take?

        Here is the State Department “How-to prevent…” page.

        • Ask your attorney to demand that she surrenders passports, and signs a document recognizing that US is THE HABITUAL residency of your family and children. If she refuses, ask the court for full custody, so if she somehow manages to flee, she will be in a lot of hurt ( the Hague Convention case in Poland will be a breeze). You can contact the State Department and put your children on a watch list. There is only so much you can reasonably do.

  5. Maureen Dabbbagh says:

    Perhaps you might be interested in reading my new book…
    “Parental Kidnapping in a America: An Historical and Cultural Analysis
    by Maureen Dabbagh
    This is not a personal story. It is a professional and scholarly work that includes critical information on Poland, USA, UK and more….

  6. Articles on Craig Michael very well writen!!! WEll DONE

  7. Hello everybody,
    In recent weeks, I have received two long comments asking for help. The comment included a LOT OF VERY PERSONAL information. I have not posed them before contacting the author of the comment.

    And HERE GOES THE PROBLEM. In one instance, the mother provide a VALID email address, so I was able to contact her directly, Indeed, she DID NOT wanted her communication to become public, so i deleted from the comments.
    The second, arrived from Oman. I tried to contact (yet another desperate mother) directly using the provided email, and it was bounced back to me (meaning – it was bogus, or invalid).
    So Fatma , I am still NOT going to publish your comment, until I get the OK. You CAN send me an email directly using the webmaster address I provided above.

  8. hallo Bogdan.Mozesz mi odblokować mój pos-uprowadzenie Mateusza.Juz dawno nie mam kontaktu z synem a nie skonczylem jeszcze walki o dziecko,,pozdrawiam Jurek600

    • Komentarzy nie blokuję, więc nie wiem o jakie blokowanie ci chodzi.

  9. I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “goverment”. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr

    • Thanks a lot. I appreciate it very much. There are some words that get less attention than others. I scanned the site and hopefully all has been correct. BTW, I don’t believe that you can judge credibility solely on spelling, especially, when mistakes are made by a foreigner. However, I do see your point. 🙂

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