Testimonial of a grown up child affected by abuse of PAS- the story of Ryan Thomas

RyanThomas - victim of PAS tells his story
Ryan Thomas with his dead, before and today.

I’ve been writing about Parental Alienation Syndrome – something that goes hand in hand with international children abductions – from the beginning.  When my children where taken to Poland in 1998 for  Christmas Holidays, I had had no idea that such a devious thing could exist. A mental abuse inflicted by the mother of her own child in order to “win” with me was  impossible to understand. She, a teacher, used as a weapon in her war with me, her 2 and 3 year old own children.

There are plenty of books written on the subject, but the were no testimonials available for others to see. Thank God for Youtube and the democratisation of the media. No main stream media, usually with a political agenda, is needed to present a story of abuse. Unfortunately, as the statistics show, the abuse of Parental Alienation Syndrome cones mainly from mothers. Persons in everybody’s life that are associated only with love.  There are many examples that this stereotype is far from the truth.

The story of Ryan Thomas is not about international abduction, but the mental abuse is the guy, is VERY real, and close to experiences that I and my both abducted children experienced. It took Ryan over three decades to come to the terms, and rebuild his relationship with his dad. My Amelia and Daniel, even though they are already in collage age, are still not willing to face the truth, and begin to ask basic questions about their story. They still prefer ignorance from taking the responsibility for their own lives. Continue reading “Testimonial of a grown up child affected by abuse of PAS- the story of Ryan Thomas”