Andreas Serghedes:My daughters child abduction

Hi im writing to you to inform you of my daughters abduction to Poland since last year. My ex wife and my self met in London in 1997 were we eventualy got married at the end of the year. Laoura our daughter was born on the 19/09/1998 and when she was three months old i found out that my wife had been married previous to an Italian. Without being divorced she went ahead into a marriage with myself commiting bigamy.

Cutting the long story short in January 2002 we attended court in the UK were i was given two days access with Laoura until the court decided who would get custody. Worried that i would get custody, in March 2002 she decided to give falce alligations to the police in the UK that i was sexually abusing my daughter. After two months of investigation the child protection team in the UK realised that she was lying about the whole story.

In the meantime i had not seen my daughter for that period. In May 2002 when we eventually went to court the judge wanted to know why she made these false aligations. Before we could attend court again she had abducted Laoura to Poland even though she gave an undertaking to the court that she could not remove Laoura from the country.

Its been a year now that Laoura is in Poland and although i applied to the Haque Convention immediately after her abduction it seems to me that the Polish courts do not take into consideration the feelings of the children. Let alone they dont even know what the Haque Convention stands for. I have attended the court in Poland since last September on eight different occations and it seems to me that the Polish courts look after there own. Although my case is not yet finished im still fighting very hard for my little angel. I think as parents we should try and stay focus on what needs to be done to change this bad reputation that Poland has with the Haque Convention.

Best Regards:Andreas Serghides