Child abduction centres in Poland

Dear guests. I am a father like a lot of you that has had his daughter abducted to Poland four years ago.
I am aware of the tragic problem that children are facing when abducted to Poland, and how Poland is not respecting the Haque Convention treaty that they have sighned since 1992.
It is for this reason that we have desided to try and get government and public funding to open a couple of specialised centres with profesional workers such as psycologists, family specialists, lawyers that will try to work in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, and the courts to try and work with both the abductee parent, and also the left behind parent to try and resolve the problem maybe without the need of the court, or if the court is involved to reduce the length of the procedure that is taking at the moment an average of four years. In these centres we would also like to house the abductee parent with the child, so there can be an observation on both their psycological affect, and also to allow the left behind parent to be able to have access with their child. We will also give information to left behind parents as to the requirements needed for a prompt return of their child back to there habitual home.
It will not be an easy task but we believe that with the right preparation it could work succesfully.
We would appreciate it very much if parents that have had there children abducted to Poland or any other country to give their opinion as to how they would like to see these centres and what they would like to be included in them.

Yours sincearely