Hague Convention in Poland

Hello all ,just a short note from an Australian Parent trying to get my child back into my life.

The way Poland has handled my Hague Convention case can only be described as disgraceful.

I went to visit him last month and the Polish courts have granted 100% custody to the mother even though he is not Polish citizen and the Hague Convention strictly prohibits any custody decision until H.C is decided. The Hague case has been going for years now even though the mother has produced no evidence or reason of why he should not be returned to his home country. After completing a hearing in Australia the transcripts took a month to travel from the Polish CA to the court dealing with the case in Poznan even if they sent it via horse and cart it couldn’t take that long! Now they are suggesting it will take a month just to translate them ??

The mother is using an inocent child as a chess piece in her quest for money even though she has taken a house in Poland which I paid for already.

She is a very crazy and angry woman and I worry every day about what physiological damage is being done to my baby boy.

To all you other parents out there going through such a horrible experience my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Regards, Dan.