Finland:Russia to sign Hague Convention

Russia seems to find finally the  wisdom  in accepting  the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction as a good thing. A report from Finland states, that Russia’s officials indicated the neo-Soviet state to sign, and later this year, ratify the treaty with Finland.

What prompted Russia’s the change of heart?  Probably the fact that Finland decided not to take any crap for the Ruskies any more:

There are three child abduction disputes pending between Finland and Russia. The best-known case, which began three years ago, involves a boy named Anton. His Finnish father was surprised when the child’s Russian mother suddenly took him to live in Russia. He went to get the boy, smuggling him back into Finland with help from a Finnish consulate official last May. The incident led to a diplomatic row between the two countries.

I bet, the same announcement can be expected in regards other countries, since today’s Russia has a lot of young people leaving the country.

As far as the article and Poland, maybe US embassy in Warsaw should take a notice, and make couple of “example” cases in helping  more actively in returning abducted children to their parents in America.

Can I be first?  I waited long enough… didn’t I?