Another Polish mother decides to “return” to Poland taking illegally child.

I received a comment from Craig Michael, a father from Cyprus, whose child was abducted to Poland by a Polish woman,his former partner Marta. Attached is the story from the Cyprus Reporter.


This story is a very typical child abduction case (believe it or not). Same “reasons”, same events, and the same results. It is like a bad sequel, if it wasn’t a real very tragic and exhausting situation. Another child abducted by a clearly unscrupulous, with no morals woman, whose only concerned was her, not her daughter. Shameful indeed.

As in many other cases, Polish judicial system is failing. Unable, or rather, unwilling to fulfill its obligation according to the domestic and international law. Very typical.

Hopefully, her father will have enough strength to continue the fight, and will be ultimately be reunited with  his child.

You can read the entire story here: