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Little Crystal, a girl abducted to Poland by her mother, reunited with her father and sister in her home in Nicosia, Cyprus, after a rescue action in Opole, Poland.
According to the Napa Valley Register report  Ahmad Alwawi father of two girls was detained as he was trying to board the plane with an intend to leave for Jordan. He was in a violation of the court order, which prohibited him to leave the country. It seems that the mother’s quick reaction and cooperation of […]
Poland-bound Dad and his kids, after rulings (Chicago Tribune, 4/26/06), discusses his international abduction case, in which a divorcing Polish mother abducted her two daughters to the United States, disappearing with the girls without even telling the dad.
Last Tuesday (June 12, 2001), Matthew and Cynthia Janowski returned with their mother back to the United States. Their father Cezary Janowski had kidnapped the children to Poland in January of 1999.
Www.gazeta.pl in today's article (June 14,2001) described what really happened when Natalia J. was trying to execute her legal court order in Kielce, Poland last week.