New enforcement law is now in power

Hi Folks,

As I have already mentioned it before, the Polish legislature passed – and the Polish President signed it – a new bill that changes current court order enforcement procedures as they pertain to the Hague Convention cases.

Here are some noteworthy points that are introduced with the new bill (DZ. U. 98, Oct. 12, 2001, poz.1069):

1) Any pending custody case(s) in Polish courts must be suspended immediately.

2) A court appointed social worker is now responsible for locating (if missing) and transferring of the child to custody of the left-behind parent. A court-appointed psychologist must be present during the transfer of the child.

3) Police and the office of district attorney is now obligated to assist the left-behind parent in child recovery efforts. Until now, it was a sole responsibility of the parent.

4) The abducting parent must provide information about whereabouts of the child or otherwise will be charged under the law of “providing false information under oath”.

Anyway, I will be the first one to test the new law and its effectiveness. Wish me luck.