My patience is running out

I am in Amsterdam and I would like this story to be left on here if you don’t mind. I just had 2 of 5 days visitation with my son for a total of 6 hours. When the 3 hours were up friday the 30th of June 2006 my son waived to me to come to where he was standing. He said: “Dad, thanks for coming. I had a real good time today.” I took his face with both hands and I kissed him on the cheeck and told him “I love you very much [link id=’8′ text=’Mycah’].” The experts near the seen told the translator; he is very gentle with his son. I wish more fathers were like that.

I don’t know why he decided to see me the last day when the last 3 days prior he decided to just come in to tell the experts he doesn’t want to stay and he is going home. On that same last day my son took my razor phone and pointed at me to take a picture; while taking a picture he stated; “This is my dad he is getting old and he loves me very much.” Now the question is what happened?
When I found out I didn’t have another week with my son I decided to head to the travel agent to get the hell out of Poland, a country to which I trully dispise for keeping my son illegally. I asked the travel agent where can I go in such a short notice; she told me Tunisia but it was every hot this time a year; I bought the ticket and left, for I have an appoinment with the experts in Krakow the following week. When I arrived back to Krakow for my meeting with experts the mother and her husband were there, I asked her husband what happen to all the money I gave to support this child with the house that was given to your wife on the conditions that when the house was sold all net proceeds were to go for my son Mycah. I was called a liar and I continued pressing for an answer; with that he asked me if I saw the World Cup, i said most of it, what’s your point? he said you better watch it then I persisted with trying to get an answer from the the family that kidnapped my son and he just gave me a head butt. Well, I didn’t have a red card in my pocket so I gave this man a nice hard right across to his face; if I told you it didn’t feel good to do it I would be lying. I think it’s time for me to get more aggressive instead of less at this point. This is the 3rd time I have been assulted and the second time I took it too court with the appeals court stating there was no blood so let’s drop it and just allow the criminals
to pay just my attorney’s fees. Joanna and Marek Senders are criminals and abuses of my son. I am more determine than ever and found my resolve to continue fighting this farther. I want the pictures posted of people of poland that should be ashamed of themselves. I will send the pictures for this site to show real faces. I would like the webmater to please honor my request and put those responsible to shame and let the world see the scum these people are. When the dust settled and heads cooled I was informed that my son refuses to see me and that the incident had ntohing to do with it. he never knew I had a dance with his mother’s husband. So my question that needs to be answered is this: What happen from the Friday when he left me and was very positive according to experts in Nowy Sacz, to the day I had to have a meeting in Karkow in hopes of extending my visitation? What did these monsters do to my son? Did they threaten him? Did he get dicipline for having a good and positive time with his real father? I hope we can do more in this web site and I want to help in spreading the word that the government of Poland needs to be boycotted. They allow abusers to prosper. They allow children to suffer mental trama!

Too be continued….