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Pope Francis is praying with the Youth of the World for Compassion for the world, and for the wisdom to understand what true love is.
It is one of the worst days in your life when you confirm your nightmare – your children have no heart nor compassion. Till this awful moment, you try to excuse their behavior in refusing to communicate with you, or even allow you to follow them on social media. You blame the other vindictive, heartless […]
Few thoughts on corruption in Poland and its effect on parental child abductions; case of Steven Watkins still not resolved.
What two days can bring! It is simply amazing. Up till not recently, the pages of Gazeta Wyborcza [let me call them GW from now on] were infested with articles of  a yet another “poor” (but pretty and naturally Polish) mother, who “decided to return back to her native Poland”, and later to be  “victimized […]
Polands Krzysztof Rutkowski promisses kidnapping of children from Cyprus. What will Cyprus authorities do with this self proclaimed "defender of mothers"?
Foreign father decides to take the law into his own hands, and take the kidnapped daughter back to Cyprus. Police in Opole seems to protect the original kidnapper against the order of Polish court; why?