Opole: A girl abducted by her Polish mother from Cyprus rescued by her father.

"Porwanie" w Opolu dziecka z CypruA few hours ago, a 3.5-year-old girl was rescued by her father from Cyprus. The girl was on a walk with her grandparents, when (allegedly) 3 people used pepper spray on the grandfather to take away the child. This is a case that I already wrote about in the past. A polish mother decided to  “return” with one of her daughters back to Poland. Her decision was later recognized by Polish courts as an illegal act according to the existing international law.

As Gazeta Wyborcza acknowledged the existing legal situation, it still continues to call the act of recovering abducted earlier child, as …. “kidnapping”?  Let’s not forget, that a newly promoted as a victim mother was (allegedly) hiding her daughter from the court, police and the father, to prevent the execution of lawful court order issued in POLAND. Total circus!

I simply cannot understand that the police department that was responsible to find the child in the first place, now talks about abduction, and uses non-applicable law to find the father. It seems to me that somebody in KWP in Opole should be brought to justice for a clear case of corruption or incompetence.  The press representative for this organization, Hubert Adamek, quoted a paragraph 211 of Polish penal code as a basis for the search. Obviously, he has NO IDEA what he is talking about. As I complained many times before, as well as many others websites, Polish Supreme Court gave a standing interpretation of this article, which excludes parents with parental rights from the group of people covered by article 211 kk. EVERYBODY knows it, so why would the representative of law enforcement deliberately misinform the public? Possibly a corruption by local cops?

It is the second time in not so far past that Polish authorities use wrong law to bring previously abducted to Poland child, which was taken back by a left-behind parent. It also happened in the case of Anika Kaminska, whose mother finally decided to take the law into her own hands and take her daughter back to Ireland. As I later discovered, the French police detained both mother and daughter briefly using the Polish arrest warrant, but later released them discovering its fraudulent nature. Is this the new policy of the Polish government? Has anybody, in that case, paid consequences for abusing the law and the facts?

I have already warned many times about the lack of confidence in the Polish justice system by parents living in other countries; Poles as well. I predicted the possibility, that a victimized left behind parents will see the re-abductions as the ONLY way to seek justice in the corrupt or legally deficient country, is real. Well, we are seeing the first results of the legal mess created by Polish politicians and bureaucrats. Congratulations, you got it!

I hope that both the father and the child find safe passage home. back to Cyprus.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Craig Michael and his kidnapped daughter are already back in Cyprus. Congratulations. read [link id=’1136′]