Krzysztof Rutkowski, former communist militia apparatchik, turned detective, turned common criminal, turned child kidnapper: I will re-abduct girls from Cyprus

Rutkowski odbijeKrzysztof Rutkowski is a very well known “celebrity” in Poland. He is a shady character – old guy with fast cars, young women (or is it the other way around?); you know, a grotesque character.  A man who took part in a few child re-abduction cases all over the world, which brought him some fame in Poland. Many of his “rescue” missions border on illegality in my humble opinion – like case of a girl, whom he helped to abduct from a foster family in Norway, and became country’s instant hero (I actually applauded him for this, because I am disgusted with Norway’s regime abuse of families, and human rights of parents).
Rutkowski also admitted, that in 2011 he also tried to abduct the older sister from Cyprus, but he failed. Maybe it is time Cyprus should send an European arrest warrant for him, and few people from his “group”. He clearly doesn’t understand how serious criminal activity he is engaging in.

According to Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, Rutkowski organized a press conference (no surprise here; he wants to be noticed again) decided to inject himself not for the first time into the case of Craig Michael’s children custody fight. He took upon himself to help the mother, Marta Świniarska, to “rescue” both girls living now with their father in Cyprus. I won’t speculate if Rutkowski is desperate for media attention, or lost his marbles as he was sentenced to serve 1.5 years in prison for money laundering. Maybe both, who knows.

Things Mr. Rutkowski should remember, before he goes all throttle with his new escapade. First, Ms. Swiniarski is probably facing criminal charges in Cyprus, in addition to having lost her custody of her daughters (child abductions usually cause these unpleasant results in most of the civilized countries), so when she shows up there, she will most probably be arrested on the spot. Just guessing.
Secondly, since Mr. Rutkowski admitted publicly to already have participated in the illegal act of attempted kidnapping, he and his guys may, in fact, be subject of separate criminal charges in Cyprus.  Adding some more additional time behind prison bars to Mr. Rutkowski’s experience (this time abroad) may be enough to cool a very hot-headed “cowboy” from Poland.
Thirdly, before Mr. Rutkowski digs himself deeper into a new PR nightmare, maybe he should consult a good lawyer on international custody issues and criminal law. Polish Courts have NO JURISDICTION on cases that involve people living abroad – period. No divorces, no property involving cases, etc. That includes custody cases as well. The FINAL decision of Polish court based on the Hague Convention has been executed, done and over. The current custody proceedings in Poland will have no legal standing according to European Union law (you know Mr. Rutkowski, Poland STILL IS PART OF THE EU)
It is now up to the courts in Cyprus to decide what is the best interest of the children living there.  Ms. Świniarska KNOWS IT, but is lying about it, as she was found lying to the prosecutors; she was found untrustworthy by the Polish courts as well.
Any other successful re-abduction would trigger second Hague Convention case and this time criminal charges for Ms. Świniarska based on article 211 kk (as she would not have parental rights anymore). Obviously, the Polish detective is ignorant in the subject matter and too arrogant to care.   Oh well, maybe he will get a lesson of humility that he so desperately needs and seeks.

Also, he rants on alleged psychopathic stands by certain fathers wanting to participate in their children lives, seems to indicate that the Polish cowboy should be a subject of some medical oversight. His schizophrenic mind may not remember how he was helping in a fight for a  …. father to recover his children, not so long ago. He may be a real danger not only to himself but others as well.

And finally, just a reminder – Cyprus is a small place, but it does have a group of very potent former black ops folks living there. Mr. Craig Michael could employ a team of his countrymen to wait for the arrival of Mr. Rutkowski and his group, to give them the experience of their lives – the Cyprus version of the Wild West. Hmm?

In a meantime,  Crystal is having a time of her life with her older sister in Cyprus.