Gazeta Wyborcza is back paddling on the “poor mother, who lost her children” story; changed to “Why did she have to lie”

Marta Swiniarska - dlaczego kłamałamWhat two days can bring! It is simply amazing.

Up till not recently, the pages of Gazeta Wyborcza [let me call them GW from now on] were infested with articles of  a yet another “poor” (but pretty and naturally Polish) mother, who “decided to return back to her native Poland”, and later to be  “victimized by heartless judges” who decided to go against the popular wisdom, and had ordered the return of “returning” Crystal (now Krysia) back to Cyprus, to her “evil” father, Craig Michael. One point of order was to prove that Marta Swiniarska, the mother turned kidnapper, was the victim, and Craig Michael, the father living in Cyprus, was the villain. No problem there.

Since 2011, when the abduction took place, and later, when the Polish ZOMO member-turned-detective-with-no license-turned-newest-Casanova-for the-low information-voters-hero tried and failed to kidnap the second daughter, a.k.a. Krzysztof Rutkowski, GW was constantly beating the drums of the “poor-but-pretty” mother side.  There were articles documenting the entire court battle as if it was a Roman arena with gladiators and chariots inside, and the judges pointing their fingers down, to sacrifice yet another victimized “lamb” to the inhuman lust for blood crowd.  It was such an easy material to sell to a gullible public at large craving for emotions to fly both ways.  Nobody, however, bothers to ask few basic questions like:




Every time I read the new update to the story of Craig’s and Marta’s daughter abduction, the “journalists” writing articles treated it as a yet another “Polish child being taken away from a Polish parent, who decided to “return” to Poland.  The decision was “obvious”, “understood” and easily “explained” – the “other” side was “evil”, “demonic”, “anti-Polish”, “anti-???????” – whatever “anti” was convenient as an excuse, at any particular time. Of course, abducted Crystal was quickly renamed to Polish sounding “Krysia”, and that was all that was required to make the case of abduction “legit” for the folks of GW.  The judges, who usually were defended as independent, impartial and just, all of the sudden, became the offsprings of Lucifer himself, and their decisions as condemnable, criminal, deplorable, reprehensible, vicious, immoral, misguided, AND mistaken as Krzysztof Rutkowski’s sense of ethics [or at least his sense of taste – can anybody tell him to change/buy a better hair plug, and cover his hairy chest? Phleeze, with sugar on top!]!

Normally, journalists are responsible to do some basic fact checking for every story, so they protect themselves from possible risks of being accused of journalistic malpractice or slender. It seems that like in many other similar stories GW, consistently made every effort to avoid this little inconvenient “issue”. Lie after lie, year after year.

The problem with this kind of simplistic approach is, that life throws curves at such low-level journalism. For example, many times, “the other side” is being represented by … another Polish parent living permanently abroad – like me, for example. For those cases, “journalists” are being denied the obvious “this ugly foreigner” excuse.  For cases like mine, only “poor mother suffocated, abused, unloved, unappreciated, living in slums, with a greedy, demonic, controlling despotic husband [OK the words “partner” or “concubine” are the newest “IN” soundbites, and frequently more in use then before, but I digress] have to suffice. But life is even more unpredictable for these”poor” journalists” as their job is to find a good selling emotional excuse.
From time to time, quite often actually, the bastard from abroad demanding a child to be returned to a foreign land is …. a Polish mother and the “I decided to return loser is [holy shit!] a man. The sorry excuse for a father, who couldn’t cut it without his mommy and daddy being close by [I guess to hug him tight, every night, serving a cup of hot cocoa, and a telling a mandatory bed story before they fall to sleep, gently and peacefully… Tfu!]. Again, a real “gem” quoting from the same book of “How to be a ridiculous and lying piece of shit, or how to get even with your wife, if you can’t be a real man – The Manual”.
In the list of accusations from these “precious boys,” we get to read again: mental anguish, abusive spouse, discrimination of Polish fathers by foreign courts [like these “geniuses” never heard of Polish family courts screwing Polish dad’s on a daily basis – real morons].

I genuinely pity these journalists who have to support the last category of parents-kidnappers; but hey, THEY ARE the ones being paid the big bucks, not me. So I don’t feel sorry much for them, at all, if they decide to write crap in a support of such low lives misunderstood folks.

Going back to Craig and Marta story.

Finally, after Craig Michael successfully recovered his hidden daughter, and took her back home; after a lot of people started asking hard questions, and the picture of happy “Krysia” already in Cyprus emerged, the folks at GW saw the light; the alarm bells went off full blast, and they switched sides. All of it, just in a matter of a few hours!
Maybe my suggestions to sue their pants off for the obvious case of slander in my previous posts helped, or the multiple comments by the readers in support for the father made the difference – the higher-ups at the newspaper sent the same lady to write a new story, this time one, that is much closer to the truth, which we can summarize as  –

Marta Swiniarska, the kidnapper, LIED, she lied BIG, she lied ALL THE TIME, and she CONTINUES TO LIE!

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

It took so many years for Gazeta Wyborcza finally to figure out this obvious truth. In one of the two newest articles Izabela Żbikowska, the writer for GW, performed two interviews: one with Marta, the mother, and the second with the father – Craig.  In these two articles, the readers got a clear picture of two people, who to this point, were painted with a completely different brush.

In the “Why Krysia’s mother, who lost her child to a Cyprus guy, had to lie” we see how manipulative and conniving Crystal’s mother is. Marta admitted now (with no regret at all) that she “had to lie” so she could deceive trusting [or a gullible schmuck – as she sees him] Craig, and hide from him their daughter. She continued to lie to the reporter when asked about the number of attempted child recovery by police at her parents house, or the number of visits to Poland by Craig; to my joy and disbelieve, Izabela Żbikowska confronted her with documented but contradicting facts – finally, like a real reporter should have done it, since the beginning.  When asked if she purposefully had lied to the reporters of Gazeta Wyborcza for previous stories – Marta Swiniarska positively confirmed it, again, with no shame or remorse.  What a peach! I thought I was the only guy in the world with the unbelievable “luck” to be married to a such incredible “catch”. Gee! Was I wrong! Craig found comparable “gem” too!

I don’t blame the desperate and unscrupulous mother or father, who all of the sudden are faced with the consequences of their own illegal actions [Bull shit! I do blame them all right; them and their evil parents even more; again, hmmmmm, hmmmmm], but I DO blame the folks who are supposed to be impartial and unemotional about stories which they cover in their reporting. I would expect them to take a second opinion with an expert in the subject matter, and not be influenced by the [whore] politician or a clown celebrity [Hello Mr. Rutkowski, I am talking about YOU!], who will say and do anything to look good.

Parental abductions are a growing problem all over Europe and the World. This is the price of a very connected and open world. There are millions of Polish emigrants living abroad today, who more and more often are affected by the illegal parental child abductions. It is a real CRIME for the Polish state to allow cases of parental abductions to linger in too many courts, for way too long.

I have already acknowledged the fact of vast improvements in most courts that have been made in the last few years. With some very extreme but seldom examples of judicial misconduct, more and more often, Polish courts do the right thing, even though the pressure from the public and the opportunistic politicians [I have already hammered the media, and hate to repeat myself, so I won’t]. This improvement must be acknowledged, and I would like to thank these judges for that with all of my heart, again. And for those who still don’t get it, or refuse to get it…FOOK U TOO!

The real problem is when a court order of an independent branch of government is being clearly ignored [I say, laughed at] by a low-level police officers or even lower grade court bailiffs [for the less fluent English speakers of Polish persuasion – “kurator sądowy”].  These people CAN and SHOULD be brought in front of their appropriate authorities when they decide to disobey these court orders. They should be charged with criminal charges for the unlawful [and many times purposeful ] negligence and dereliction of their duties. These people have no immunity, as judges or prosecutors do, so the usual excuse by the Polish Ministry of Justice “I’m sorry, we cannot influence the courts, what and when they decide” DOES NOT APPLY!

I hope that the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz is going to take his time, and gets the explanation from his employees in Opole about who and why decided to open a criminal investigation (and as far as I know, still continues it) against the father, when the same people were still failing to help him execute the existing and lawful court order, and recover abducted by Marta child.  Why was the entire border patrol services put on alert to chase a man who had a full power to remove his child from Poland? This is a criminal act in itself, and people responsible should be brought to justice – fired at least. I understand that the mother made false report, but isn’t this illegal too? What about this Mister Minister? I tweeted you about it, and you ignored me. However,  I do tweeting very well, and know how to do it skillfully. I will not let this matter slide.

Finally, I want to finish this blog entry with something positive. To my great surprise and welcomed relieve, I noticed that the ordinary readers of GW in their commentaries were on the right side of the conflict. They were NOT fooled by the “crying wolf” Marta – almost 100% of them[there’s always a moron or two, who will play against all odds and logic card – these people do not count] All commentators were very keen on getting their point of not trusting the lying woman and supported Mr. Michael without reservation, even though, he is the guy from the “deep south”. The interview with him has been THE top story on the GW Opole website for a few days now, so go and read it before it disappears. You will find him to be a carrying father, who decided to do the job that the Polish government neglected to do, with great pain and expense. The readers did not buy the argument that the child was taken away from the mother, but they noticed that it is Marta’s decision NOT TO GO to Cyprus to fight for her daughter in those courts.  Another lie exposed. The newest media circus created by so-called “detective” Rutkowski, is just a joke. Can anybody explain Rutkowski’s promise to “bounce” little Krysia and her sister back, and do it “legally” based on the Polish court order? Is this guy touched with a serious case of clinical stupidity, or what?

Craig Michael with Krysia

I hope somebody at GW and the Polish government does the right thing and reimburses Craig Michaels for the costs related to the recovery of his daughter. Better do it now and with honor, before the court in Strasbourg orders you to do so. Save your faces and the honor of the country now – when there is still time;  the money (as far as the state is concerned) is simply peanuts, and not worth yet another bad publicity, a total national embarrassment.  He can use it to teach his girl English. Also, GW made enough money from the story, and stories like it, taking obviously the WRONG side in such conflicts. Wouldn’t it be nice to do the right thing for a change, Mr. Michnik?