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It is quite an unusual event for the liberal media to be impartial in reporting any custody cases, especially the international ones. This story is more so unbelievable, because the Australian 60 minutes team ( Tara Brown and Michael Usher) did an amazing investigative work in exposing its own government officials who knowingly participated in organizing, […]
What two days can bring! It is simply amazing. Up till not recently, the pages of Gazeta Wyborcza [let me call them GW from now on] were infested with articles of  a yet another “poor” (but pretty and naturally Polish) mother, who “decided to return back to her native Poland”, and later to be  “victimized […]
It seems that BBC is interested in making a documentary on parental child abductions to Poland (or maybe other countries as well).  Joe Kent contacted me via email asking if I knew any parents who live in U.K. who are (were) affected by this crime. I know that there ARE people living in England who […]