When journalists do their job right; An Australian abduction case where the government colluded with the kidnapper.


It is quite an unusual event for the liberal media to be impartial in reporting any custody cases, especially the international ones. This story is more so unbelievable, because the Australian 60 minutes team ( Tara Brown and Michael Usher) did an amazing investigative work in exposing its own government officials who knowingly participated in organizing, and executing the kidnapping of 4 girls by their Australian mother from their Italian father, which took almost 4 years of planning.

Both countries are not known for having very little regard for fathers, or men in general, in their societies. That’s why the female Australian ambassador in Italy colluded knowingly in facilitating the kidnapping process, even though there were many signs of manipulation and lying by the mother.

Remarkably, in a very methodical and professional manner, the folks of 60 minutes [pinch me if you will] recreated all events that led to the illegal run by the mother with her four daughters from Italy.

In the end, the children WERE [again, another unbelievable twist to this story] returned to Italy to their father, and the mother was exposed as a conniving, ruthless person, which would stop from nothing to achieve her objectives: destroy the father and strip his daughters from his life – the usual behavior of the abductor. Of course, as the interview with her ends, she blames EVERYBODY except herself. She actually, blames the embassy officials that helped her run for the kidnapping itself.  Also, like any other cowardly kidnapper, she refused to go back to her daughters to Italy, because she was not enough of a mother, to pay the consequences (if any), but be with her children. Big “surprise” indeed.

Have a look and enjoy the remarkable [I don’t believe I am saying it about ABC network] work. This also is a good sign that the courts all over the world have recognized the crime of child abductions, and are willing to do what is right, disregarding any nationalistic emotions involved in such cases.