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Pope Francis is praying with the Youth of the World for Compassion for the world, and for the wisdom to understand what true love is.
It is one of the worst days in your life when you confirm your nightmare – your children have no heart nor compassion. Till this awful moment, you try to excuse their behavior in refusing to communicate with you, or even allow you to follow them on social media. You blame the other vindictive, heartless […]
Przyznaję bez bicia – od jakiegoś czasu zaprzestałem regularnego wyszukiwania wiadomości na temat uprowadzeń dzieci przez rodziców do Polski by zaoszczędzić sobie niepotrzebnych stresów. Dzisiaj złamałem tą zasadę i … dostałem co chciałem. Następne wołanie polskich mediów o większą tolerancję w sprawach uprowadzeń dzieci do Polski (wiadomo, każde dziecko to “polskie” mimo, że nigdy to […]
I’ve been writing about Parental Alienation Syndrome – something that goes hand in hand with international children abductions – from the beginning.  When my children were taken to Poland in 1998 for  Christmas Holidays, I had had no idea that such a devious thing could exist. A mental abuse inflicted by the mother of her own […]
As Eileen Clark finally had to face the music in US, the federal prosecutors decided to go easy on parental abductor. They let her plea guilty and .... sent her home, as if nothing of last 20 years actions had no meaning. Disgusting.
It is quite an unusual event for the liberal media to be impartial in reporting any custody cases, especially the international ones. This story is more so unbelievable, because the Australian 60 minutes team ( Tara Brown and Michael Usher) did an amazing investigative work in exposing its own government officials who knowingly participated in organizing, […]