Eileen Clark is finally back in US to face justice; released after guilty plea.

Heathrow T5 - fot. by Warren Rohner

A piece of good news that happened 3 months ago, that I missed  – an article from July of this year, about a mother who finally is facing justice in America for the act of parental abduction. It is another followup post to a story that I have already written about in the past.

Finally, Eileen Clark, the kidnapper of her own children, who was on the run for 20 was extradited to the US and is facing the musing in American Court in Albuquerque, where she faced federal charges related to international child abduction. She was handed over to US marshals at the Heathrow Airport on July 3rd and immediately flowed to the US for prosecution.

Obviously, the spokesman for extreme feminist organizations Refuge, Sandra Horley, decided to condemn the decision to extradite the abductor, citing the all-so-popular-and-not=so-believable accusations of alleged domestic abuse. Naturally, if the perpetrator was a man, Mrs. Horley would be leading a crowd of wild women, armed with pitchforks, in support of the deportation. Interestingly enough, two judges in the UK, Lord Justice Treacy, and Mr. Justice Nicol branded repeated allegations of domestic violence as “dubious” and she failed to establish “a cogent case” in support of them. As I and most experts in cases of international abductions already stated,  such claims follow a well-rehearsed screenplay, where only names and number of characters change, but the gist of the story stays always the same, if not identical.

After Ms. Clark was being held in custody by Federal authorities as they appealed the judge’s decision to release her before the trial.  Prosecutors were not buying the justification of “low risk” cited by the judge, as she had already proven to be able to go underground few times in the past (good call!). This forced the accused kidnapper to change her tune. She decided to play nice with the federal prosecutors, and play guilty to charges of international child abduction.

In the newest reports, the prosecutors agreed to cut a deal with the mother-kidnapper. They dropped demands to imprison her if she pleaded guilty to the charges and pays restitution to her husband.  The 57 old Eileen Clark was allowed to leave the court free, and now she can even return to the UK.

DISGUSTING indeed.  Twenty years on the run, millions of taxpayers’ money spent on getting her extradited, and the feds decide to let it go.  I guess, this is the example of Obama administration way – “it ain’t our money, so …no problem”. And, the clear message to future kidnappers and other countries has been sent – America is a joke, don’t take us seriously. You kidnap our child, and we won’t do a thing.

In a meantime, John Clark said –

Because of the parental alienation, at this time, I don’t have the relationship that I would like with them. So I think the regret that I have is that I couldn’t find them sooner…”