Mother facing extradition from UK for abducting 3 children

A piece of good news from the US government. It seems that the State Department is getting serious about tracking down international child abductors, and bringing them to justice, even when they they happen to be mothers.

In today’s Daily Mail article we can read about the story about Eileen Clark, 54,  who fled to  Britain with her three children nearly 15 years ago and lived there ‘openly’. Her children are now adults (24,22 and 19) and object the extradition … obviously another example of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

As usual, there are some politicians in U.K. who claim that the extradition treaty between England and U.S.  is being “abused”, again !!!!  Really, I ask?  It seems that they are ONLY interested in extradition of Republican politicians,even president George W. Bush (you know , the so called “war criminal” ). Disgusting indeed.

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