American father looses his daughter to Russian wife.

A crying girl with her father
A crying girl with her father

Photo by Oleg Sidorenko under Creative Commons 2.0 License

The story of Joshua Izzard is  very typical: as he traveled to Rome, his Russian wife decided to “return” to her homeland. Besides two suitcases, she took their daughter, the “burgeoning chip” in the war with her husband.

Joshua’s story is not different of thousands of others. Among other examples of  unresolved cases of parental abductions, the article mentions our “own” Gerardo Serrano. His son Mycah, was abducted to Poland by the mother of the boy 13 years ago. Yes, Mycah is almost adult (he is 17), and to this day blames his father for …. the abduction. Mycah, is very angry at his father, and does not believe in parental abduction syndrome.

In a very angry recent email to me (demanding to remove his father’s story about abduction)  displayed a typical clinical example of PAS. Mycah does not believe in fact of being brain washed. Of course, he is too young to explain one thing: before his mother took him illegaly to Poland, he loved his father and his step brother very much. During his first court scheduled visits in Poland, he WAS talking about coming to America. What has changed since then? Who convinced him to refuse contact or personal contacts, and displayed a total disregard for civility in his emails to me. Where does the anger and hatred towards his father (or the world), who spared no effort, time or money to fight for him?

Mycah, to this day, refuses to accept the simple truth about his own mother: SHE IS the villain in this story; she decided that her own need for vendetta against Gerardo, was worth more then the happiness and psychological health of her won child. She manipulated Mycah to this point, that today his hatred towards his father is self driven.

Same goes for others, including my own children. Sad, but true.

Here is the entire article published by Chicago Tribune, which talks about  Joshua Izzard and others:  Chicago Tribune with the article page.