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I have to admit, moving from Phpnuke to WordPress was a true Godsend. No more dealing with incompetent coding causing constant site hacking and hijacking, no more dealing with  hundreds of spam “comments” and guest posts on the site. WordPress is a completely different (and beautiful) “animal”, and since the move, I’ve had no regrades. None […]
A new Youtube video has prompted this commentary on a subject that I tried (for obvious reasons) not to cover by this site. I hope that this commentary is not going to start a "us vs them, i.e. fathers vs mothers" war.
My last story was on the 2007 Compliance (or rather lack of) Report on Hague Convention Cases, prepared annually by the US State Department for the United States Congress. Here are my thoughts on the newest report. Has anything improved, or do we get another very pretty, but disappointing report, with many unanswered questions? You be the judge.
The latest report published by the U.S. Department of State was issued in April of 2007. Poland was listed as one of 7 countries demonstrating pattern of noncompliance (one step below the “"grand prize winner"” of this report - Honduras. Second place is not where any civilized country want to be! Especially, NOT on this list!
It seems that the Polish Courts found a way out to keep the children in Poland, even after the abducting parent was initially order to return the child back to their homes abroad. After a 3rd instance appeals have been removed by the Polish legislature for the family disputes (divorces, custody cases, Hague Convention cases…), the Polish judges of the regional courts feel that ignoring the Hague Convention Law is a valid option, and … they (the judges) are not afraid to use it.