Spam is spam… even when it comes from lawyers.

I have to admit, moving from Phpnuke to WordPress was a true Godsend. No more dealing with incompetent coding causing constant site hacking and hijacking, no more dealing with  hundreds of spam “comments” and guest posts on the site.

WordPress is a completely different (and beautiful) “animal”, and since the move, I’ve had no regrades. None what so ever.  The included Akismet anti-spam module makes my life oh-so-easy and peaceful.  I have not realized until recently, how easy and peaceful (considering, the whole “minor” experience of losing my own children to their mother/abductor) my life has become. No more site restores, no more midnight hacking to my database, to remove zillions of records of spam. Yahooo0000 !!!!

Lately, I have been reminded, that people only contact folks who fight for different causes, create free tools, only when things go wrong, so they can complain.  When things are fine, NOBODY, or very few, bother to thank the guys in trenches, fighting for our causes, providing so many amazing freebies.

Hence, I would like to remedy my own failing in the “thanking department”, and do so to all WordPress creators and contributors for their outstanding work.

Your hard work is providing this incredible tool for millions, as it simplifies web publishing, no matter how trivial the content may be, no matter how inexperience the users can be.

Thank you very much, indeed.

Having said all of that, now, to the subject at hand – spam from lawyers and others. From time to time, the comments for this site are being used by attorneys or private investigation firms with the single purpose of promoting their own business.
I have nothing against self promotion, but I will have to ask one basic questions:


I’ve been running this website for more than a decade, using my own funds, without relying on any Google web advertisement (I could be wrong, and I may change this in the future). I see no reason to pay for promotion of others, i.e. people or businesses, who don’t contribute to the cause of preventing International child abudctions to Poland, or any other country for that matter.

These types of “contacts” will be marked as spam, and unless you don’t care about being tagged as notorious spammer, please be my guest and keep posting your “generic” comments.  I can assure you, pretty soon, all your comments on the world wide web will be marked as trash (Akismet module has very long hands,and deals with spammers very proficiently , so people like me don’t even have to deal with it). On this web site I don’t care about ANYTHING ELSE, except for the subject of international parental abductions of children, and their prevention.

On this web site I don’t get into the “fathers vs mothers” argument, because both get hurt by the crime of loosing their children to parental abductions.

You will be better served, if you invest your money and energy by buying some targeted Google ads, or use 21st century tools like Twitter or Facebook.

If you are an attorney who specializes in International Abduction cases, and you seeks help, or have some questions about Polish experiences in Parental abductions, you are save and welcomed to contact me. You can write to me through the contact form, or email.