Youtube documents fathers’ abuse by family courts in Europe

As I started this web site few years ago, I promised myself not ever to turn international abductions into fathers rights issue. I am not going to turn back on this promise, since I made few mothers victimized by this crime.  However, one cannot ignore a simple fact, that in all European courts (and way to many American), fathers have no, or very little, chance to fight for custody, or even fair access to their children after divorce.

Family courts, notoriously monopolized by women judges, treat fathers as second or third rate citizens. No due process, only vindictive feminist agenda is the prevailing “wisdom” served by these courts.

Of course this has already influenced the societies. Low natural growth is a well documented fact. No man with a grain of intelligence would want to start a family in Sweden, Norway or Russia. Only the very brave do it in the rest of Europe.

I have found few Youtube videos that expose such “sophisticated” societies like Sweden, Germany or U.K. Poland and former East block countries are as bad as the western counterparts. This also explains the low rate of returns of abducted children from all of these countries.

Hope this video lets many left behind parents understand that they have done nothing wrong to deserve the abuse. This is a norm in many European countries, which invites abductions as well. Sorry only subtitles are in English


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