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Gerardo, whose son Mycah was abducted to Poland, writes a short note from Europe.
European Court for Human rights issued another laughable decision in a case of international abduction
Well, Poland is again listed as a "country of concern" in the congressional 2004 report filed by the US State Department. How does the left behind parent (LBP) to trust the process. It looks that the American government is only good in writting reports, but as far as getting results? The conclusion is obvious - if you want to see your children again, you should take the law into your own hands.
As the most important for Christians holiday nears (Easter), and Jewish brothers celebrate Passover holiday, I would like to reflect a little on evil, on suffering, and on forgiveness.
POLAND: The Polish Central Authority has been cooperative and responsive in its dealings with the U.S. Central Authority. However, the U.S. Central Authority has informed the Polish Central Authority of concerns that the Polish judiciary is not fulfilling its obligations under the Convention, in large measure because it considers issues related to custody in Hague proceedings, makes inappropriate use of Article 13 (b), and affords uncertain, uneven enforcement of orders.