Another child is hidden by a Polish mother … the cycle of violence continues

The case of Anika Kamińska barely finished,  I discovered a new case of Polish mother, Marta Świniarska, decided to run, after the Polish court in Opole decided to grant the application made by the father for the 2-year-old daughter to be returned to Cyprus.  This is not the first time that one judge agrees with the Hague Convention law and does the right thing. The important thing is what is going to happen next.

The abductor already went into the hiding, and the father, with no knowledge of Polish language, is going to left to fight a system with little chance to succeed.   The mother will use all the advantage for as long as she can, contacting Polish media (Bożena Aksamit is probably desperate to get the story again), filing another case (this time child support case, since she was not married to the father of the child) to get another ruling

In a meantime, what is doing the Polish police?  Have they issued a border watch to prevent the mother to travel throughout the EU? Most, probably not.  Probably nothing is happening, even though Ministry of Justice is going to bull shit that they do EVERYTHING they can to find the child.

Finally, everybody must remember – NOTHING prevents the mother to go back with her daughter back to Cyprus and fight a legal battle for the child custody. Cyprus is a very democratic country (my cousin and many happily married women live there), and if any allegations of drug use, women beating, is true, the law enforcement of that country is capable in protecting both the mother and the child.

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