Girl abducted by a father to Pakistan returns to England

As BBC reports, Atiya Anjum-Wilkinson was six, when her father abducted her to Pakistan three years ago. Even though Pakistan is not the party to the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of Child Abductions,  she was returned from Pakistan, after the father was sent to prison for refusing to disclose where his daughter was hidden.

It is truly amazing that this return was possible from the country, that is being considered by international standards, corrupt and anti-western.  Evidently, the British government was pressing hard enough their counterpart officials in Pakistan, that this happy ending was possible.

The bigger question that must be answered: how is it, that that kind of results is NOT possible in the so-called civilized European Union. “Sophisticated” judicial systems of  Poland, German, France, Sweden are notoriously disregarding the international law, THEY originally insisted to create. Hypocrisy of European socialists is beyond believe.  The fact, that the United States government is way too lenient with the European abusers of the Convention, also contributes to the existing mess.

The original BBC story can be found here