Hague Convention compliance report-another year, another joke.

As expected, the new 2013 Hague Convention compliance report about Poland was a total farce, a predictable display of another ridiculous sham.  I could be writing and wasting time getting angry, but …what is the point?  This administration’s way of “fixing” the problem by doubling the staff, and “forgetting” the inconvenient truth. American children are worth shit to them, except being a reason for their professional existence and a good source for income.

The US State Department Complience report April2013 to Congress

In the first case, the child’s kidnapper, after being ordered to return it in December 2009, went to hiding. Later appealed the verdict, and in July 2011 (1.5 years later), the case was remanded back to the lower court as a result.
Today, ….1.5 years later… there is still NO DATE SCHEDULED for the process to start from the beginning.    It sounds very similar to my case, if you read it,  and to many other  Polish cases. Corruption, corruption, corruption …

The second case is no better. The child was abducted in 2011 and 2 years later, Polish corrupt judges are playing for time with the kidnappers, so they can refuse the return.

In the meantime, Obama folks sit on their asses, collect their salaries, and DO NOTHING that matters. I am certain, they do talk to the Polish minister Radosław Sikorski, or some other bureaucratic stooge,  but American children, citizens, are being held hostage for random (oh yeah, the child support against left behind parents, or as they are acutely reduced to LBP’s, will be coming, and will be another item to deal with that too) .

I hope you have a good reading of the entire report. I also hope your blood pressure is as low as mine at this point.

Oh, and do NOT bother to call Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi… These ladies are WAY to busy making sure that the children that have NOT been already abducted, can be aborted. Possibly, before they become yet another media nuisance to them.

Mazel tov!