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US State Department 2013 Hague Convention Compliance report paints very sad picture on poor performance of Polish judicial system and the corruption, with equally sad attitude of American authorities on that subject.
I have not been so diligent in posting the newest compliance reports issued annually by the US state department.  One reason, they have been gutted in an unbelievable way. I guess the need to “show results” by the new administration of “hope and change”, with the reality not so optimistic, my and few other cases of children abducted to […]
My last story was on the 2007 Compliance (or rather lack of) Report on Hague Convention Cases, prepared annually by the US State Department for the United States Congress. Here are my thoughts on the newest report. Has anything improved, or do we get another very pretty, but disappointing report, with many unanswered questions? You be the judge.
The latest report published by the U.S. Department of State was issued in April of 2007. Poland was listed as one of 7 countries demonstrating pattern of noncompliance (one step below the “"grand prize winner"” of this report - Honduras. Second place is not where any civilized country want to be! Especially, NOT on this list!
Well, Poland is again listed as a "country of concern" in the congressional 2004 report filed by the US State Department. How does the left behind parent (LBP) to trust the process. It looks that the American government is only good in writting reports, but as far as getting results? The conclusion is obvious - if you want to see your children again, you should take the law into your own hands.