The list of the Hague Convention Compliance reports by the US State Department

I have not been so diligent in posting the newest compliance reports issued annually by the US state department.  One reason, they have been gutted in an unbelievable way. I guess the need to “show results” by the new administration of “hope and change”, with the reality not so optimistic, my and few other cases of children abducted to Poland have been completely ignored.

There is no mentioning about my case in these reports since 2009 report! Other cases have also “been resolved” by the silence. Sure, these children have aged enough, so the Hague Convention law does not apply per se, but the fact that these American children have not been returned to this day by law-breaking Poland, should still matter for the authorities, and be published as such.

You can visit this State Department web page to get the listing of all reports.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on that.