Mother kidnapper send back to US for prosecution by UK

It seems that American mother, Eileen Clark (I wrote about her earlier), who abducted her children to the UK lost her fight with US government and was sent back home to stand the trial in front of the American judge.  As the British Independent reports,  the appeal court in London did by the argument that Mrs. Clark lived “openly” in the UK, and US government neglected to pursue the case for many years, hence should be denied the extradition request.

The judge said that, while she may have retained her own name, “she did not tell anyone in the US where she was.

“She did not tell the US authorities where she was, or indeed – for a while – her own parents.”

This story was reported in April of this year, so I am going to assume that this lady is already facing the music here in the US. I couldn’t find any recent updates since.

For those who are going to lament the “unjust” American and British extradition system, PHHHLEEZE take a moment and read how “just” the same system (i.e. the leftist UK media) and Ms. Clark herself, have been to the father of the three children. I found his story written by his brother in 2010 in response to one of the UK “hit” pieces. You be the judge who the real victim in this story is. And… I don’t want to hear the politically correct “we don’t really know, the truth is usually in the middle” garbage. Many times, the truth is very one-sided indeed.

To read the entire story you can visit the pages of  reporting newspaper.