Tag: Compliance

Two girls abducted from Spain to Poland by their mother, have been ordered to be returned to their father by court in Suwalki, before the appeal process is finished.
Few thoughts on corruption in Poland and its effect on parental child abductions; case of Steven Watkins still not resolved.
British government starts a media educational campaign to prevent international parental abductions, when the Polish officials sit on their hands, and do nothing.
Marek Michalak, Rzecznik Praw Dziecka w Polsce promuje uprowadzanie dzieci do Polski: domaga się kasacji w sprawach Konwencji Haskiej odnośnie cywilnych aspektów uprowadzenia dziecka zagranicę. Czyżby nastał czas na zweryfikowanie celowości istnienia tego urzędu?
Another example of little child to Poland by a Polish mother. As usual the press and the local prosecutor are up at arms after the Regional Court in Czestochowa issued an order for the return of Olivia to her dad in Spain.