The day your abducted child turns 16, US government sends you a sad letter.

Today, was the day. A follow-up letter to a yet another, meaningless conversation with the Children Issues Department of the State Department representative, that I had a week or so ago. In a nutshell, I, the left-behind parent, was notified, that the case which was only officially “open”, was moved to another department for the next two years. The Hague Convention only covers children that have not reached the age of 16, so now they are off the hook… finally.

Knowing the law of the Convention by heart, it was not a surprise to me. What was, is the obtuse approach to the matter. Another new person in the department, telling me (without actually saying it) that “oh well… it’s been so long, that we really don’t see any way of helping your”. Pointing out the fact, that the United States government had given up on 2 US citizens much earlier in the past, was simply pointless at this point.

Mind you, that 3+ years ago, when the Obama administration took rains in the US government, the State Department headcount DOUBLED, and yet, nothing in my case has changed since then. No followups with Polish side, no pressuring the Polish regime to fulfill its Hague Convention obligations. Nothing, nada, zip… Oh… except a “virtual”,  “high tech”,  PR meeting in San Francisco,  by the new chief of the department.

The new State Department reports to the US Congress have been watered down (references to my case simply vanished), to “prove” “accomplishments” of the new and bigger organization.  But sadly, this is far from reality, as one can tell.

Last 14 years tough me one thing:  relying on governments (you know, “the system”) was naive on my part. I should have done more on my part. I should NOT have let the children go to Poland, the country of corrupt courts and prosecutors, incompetent government officials and clueless media, where the United States government is not willing to act more forcefully for “greater” political good (NATO alliance).

American music and film producers have MORE protection that your American child. Polish “justice” system WILL send its citizens to prison for selling bootlegged CD or DVD, but will NOT enforce Interpol red notice on a parent who kidnapped an American child. My ex and her mother multiple times accused me (even in the local media) for alleged mafia connection. Maybe I SHOULD have “reached out to find somebody” in the “private sector” to outsource the recovery of my children. Maybe I should have…

Oh… I DID get few letters from the state authorities in 2008 and 2009, that tried to enforce a POLISH court order on child support. Fortunately for me, I still do have full custody issued by California family court, and the state considers my ex a fugitive still to be apprehended. There are another left behind parents who were not so lucky and had to go through an expensive legal fight in state courts.

As I told my wife and the three corrupt judges in Gdańsk, who decided to issue a completely illegal ruling in 2008 (I WAS stripped from parental rights in Poland for being a United State citizen), eventually  I will accept the fact, that I have no children. Naturally, this will lead to easy to understand consequences, but will my children get this? Will they be able to understand, and accept the situation? Only the time will tell.