Eileen Clark loses her another attempt to fight extradition to US for her 1998 parental abduction.

Eileen Clark is 56 years old according to the Oxford mail article. I’ve written about her before. American TV celebrity, Dr. Phill, had a show about her and the parental abduction she committed in 1998, as she took her children illegally to England.

Now she uses every excuse not to be returned to the United States and face the music. All of the sudden she cannot fly, she developed PTSD (or some other SD), claims another abuse…. blah, blah, blah…

Obviously, she did not have such issues when she kidnapped her 3 children from a loving husband and father. No Sir Ree Bob! Luckily, the judges in the UK never bought her lies, and the process of getting her back to the US seems to get closer to its final conclusion.

As the Oxford mail reports of the latest events states –

Rejecting arguments that her alleged crime was ‘trivial’, the judge added: “The removal of children from another jurisdiction without parental consent is a serious matter and recognised as such by our courts and foreign courts.

Good for him. I could not agree more with the judge’s assessment.

You can read more about the story following this link, or… Google “Eileen Clark”