When well meaning people get duped into helping lairs – 2012 Parental abduction from Australia epilogue

Melissa and Troy Thomson duped by a kindapper

Not so long ago, I wrote a post praising Australian TV show “60 minutes” about the impartial coverage of international child abduction of 4 children by an Australian mother Laura Garrett from their Italian father  Tommaso Vincenti.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the followup broadcast by the same reporter, Tara Brown, which uncovers how evil and manipulating the mother really was. It was published at the end of 2013. The shocking part (not for me though) was about how another Australian family, Melissa and Troy Thomson decided to get involved and help the “poor” mother. The family, which helped to organize financial help for the kidnapper, how they help to stage the media dramatic events, how their teenage daughter coached Tommaso’s daughters to stage “spontaneous” outbursts of rage for the only purpose – gain public sympathy, shock the TV viewers. All, to prevent the return to Italy.

In the interview, Melissa Thomson admits regret in helping Garrett. “I was made part of this by deception.” Both Melissa and Troy acknowledged that thanks to their actions Laura received tens of thousands of dollars for legal defense.  What happened to all of the money? Who knows.

The following video talks how vicious the mother was during the entire process, and how she continues to organize a social media campaign to abuse not only Tommaso but the children themselves. I a normal society, this woman would already be in prison, but for some sick reason, neither Italian nor Australian governments have done nothing to stop the harassment of the father. Instructing the children to pure boiling water on someone’s face in public pages of Facebook would be prosecuted here in the US. For some reason, authorities in the EU and Australia have no problems with this at all.

BTW, as ABC’s Tara Brown notices, the Laura Garrett CAN travel to Italy to be able to see/be with her daughters. The Italian authorities have NO INTENTION to file any criminal charges, and yet the manipulating woman would rather scheme in slandering the father instead. Enough said.

I post the video below to warn other well-meaning people about parents who abduct their children from the other parents. DO NOT TRUST only one side of any conflict. Ask the other parent about their side of the story, especially when you decide to get involved in “helping”.

Mother of my children, Alicja Holly-Szuta, also used gullible friends, other people, priests, nuns, bishops and judges, even ITAKA (the organization that is supposed to help prevent child abductions) and Polish Catholic Charities, to help her in hiding Amelia and Daniel for over 8 years. All based on a one-sided, incoherent story. A story full of holes, inconsistencies, straight down lies.  NEVER did all of these people bother to send me an email to verify my side of the story.

One reporter, Tadeusz Skutnik, even wrote a hit piece in a local newspaper accusing judge Ostaszewska in Gdańsk of taking money, as she ordered the return of “our Polish children” back to California in 1999. He had no proof, he did NOT care that both Amelia and Daniel were born in the US, had no Polish citizenship for the first 3+ years of their lives. That was the type of  “inconvenient truth” most of the people who didn’t know me personally, didn’t care to verify and loved to believe in. The “impartial” media decided to overlook the obvious, and Mr. Skutnik never apologized to the judge for his slander, even though her decision was finally confirmed by the Court of Appeals in Gdańsk, as well as the Polish Supreme Court. He’s dead now (not just to me, but for real), and I only hope that for his duplicity he ended up in the place that he deserves to be.

As far as Parental alienation of Tommaso Vincenti. I can vouch for the evil nature of this crime. TO THIS DAY, my own children refuse to have anything to do with me, even though the last time that they spend more than 3 minutes with me was 15 years ago, after being granted a court order. I got 5 pictures from this two-hour visitation, and it was last time I got to touch my children since.

Amelia  i Daniel Szuta - 1999

In 2008, when finally the children were “kidnapped” by the illegal decision of three corrupt judges in Gdańsk (they broke the article 16 of Hague Convention; issued a decision that ignored a legal and FINAL order for return ) in a divorce case, my children did not have to hide anymore. Even then, their mother would refuse to allow me to spend 1 hour with them in a PUBLIC place. My Daniel called me ” I don’t know you mister” and ran away with his aunt, as I tried to talk to him during the school end celebration. My Amelia, did everything not to allow me to take her picture during her school year-end event.

This year Daniel will turn 18 and Amelia will be 19. They still refuse to have ANYTHING to do with me. Why?  They became to believe in lies and manipulations, and refuse to at least confront me.
Well, as much as it hurt before, and still does today (even though not as much), I began to accept the fact I would never see them again. Of course, as I did tell their heartless mother, she bears full consequences for creating the existing situation. I am, and will be fine, but will Amelia and Daniel?  Still to be seen… As they turn adults, they now become responsible for how the future is going to look like in our relationship, if any.  Blaming their mother or grandmother for not being able to contact me is not going to be acceptable anymore. My mother lost both of her parents when she was 10 in the beginning of the Nazi occupation of Poland. The family was kept together by her oldest brother. He was ONLY 18 at that time.  Certainly, if he was capable to keep safe his siblings through such tough times,  Amelia and Daniel have no excuse anymore to ask me about my point of view, and what really happened to the family. They ARE responsible now.

Here is the video: