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Here is a Youtube video from the Canadian House of Commons, where  rep. Jinny Sims petitions Canadian government to expedite the case of  Stephen Watkins and his missing/abducted children, Alexander and Christopher Watkins (Ustaszewski).
Lebanon is a popular destination for parents who abduct children. According to Daily Star abductions by parents are not considered a crime. Any family cases are handled by religious courts, which favor fathers in custody disputes. Many Western countries experience a growing problem with recovering children abducted to this and other Middle Eastern Countries. Statistics […]
As more information is surfacing, it is more and more clear that the Russian government’s motivation is based on self interest, and not the genuine willingness to change its predatory behaviour. The neo-communists of current Russia have finally concluded that they will gain more than they will have to give up (anyone willing to bet, […]
As the Children & Young People Now reports, the UK appeal court decided that the Hague Convention reasoning's have no matter in a recent case of children who were abducted from US to Nigeria. They justified their ruling, which in essence condones the action of abducting mother, with a "bigger good" of the children. Would they rule if she was.... of a different race?
Some Japanese mothers have discovered the proverbial “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” experience. Unlike most of the Japanese society, these mothers want their government to join the Hague Convention treaty to fight international child abductions. In the latest article published in Japan Times Natusko Fukue reports on some mothers pushing government […]