Twisted JUSTICE in Poland, Please help us

This time it is a mother whose children were abducted by her ex husband. She is desperate, her English is poor, but this doesn’t make her story any less tragic. Unfortunately she did leave any contact information.

My husband asconced with my children on 22.08.2000, from Biarritz, France. My children and I were living there, I had just been serepated from him by the TGI of Paris. In short he flew with them in a private jet to Warsaw. I moved heaven and hell to find them. We had been doing business in Warsaw, as well as in other major cities. It never occurred to me that they had landed here. Details will be happy to share if there is interest.

We are all Canadian citizens, he renunciated his polish citizenship 30 years ago. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms he and my children are not Polish,.. I have spent SIX long years battling for my girls. My case is very well known by the Media, who have been gagged by my Husband!!!
Also TVN produced my story “PRIVATNY SLEDSTWA SZARLIN’ November 2004, Poland Monthly wrote about how my husband is linked to the PZU Affair.THE THIRD MAN, October 2003 issue, by Preston Smith, also PZU, Where the money went. Rzeczpospolita, wrote numerous articles at the same time.

Since 6 years my children are not allowed to sleep at my house, we are followed by his 3-4 bodyguards. And I am the one considered “the kidnapper”

HELP, PLEASE HELP. We don’t have a future together, the present is marred.

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  1. I’m in progress write letter to the Head of Civil Justice Policy Unit at the European Commission Directorate General for Justice in EU with respect to non-complaisance of countries that are signatories to Hague Convention

    If anyone is interested in taking part, please let me know asap and I will contact you and I will add you name as undersign , its an oppertunity to raise public awareness about International Parental Abduction and put pressure on countries that breaking international treaties . many thanks.

  2. I will need more information. You full name, when you child was abducted and how old at the time of the abduction and city

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