Some things are so obvious, but not to Polish government; they are only good in complaining.

British government starts a media educational campaign to prevent international parental abductions, when the Polish officials sit on their hands, and do nothing.

Another example of a country where the government bureaucrats noticed a problem and decided to do something about it. They inform the public about the consequences of a child abduction: emotional, psychological and (yes) legal as well.

British government, after noticing a 100% increase of international child abductions from their country, started a media campaign. They created a short video, which found its way to


No such luck with Poland. The Polish Ministry of Justice, which is the central authority for all international child abduction cases, has done NOTHING Continue reading “Some things are so obvious, but not to Polish government; they are only good in complaining.”

Another Polish mother decides to “return” to Poland taking illegally child.

I received a comment from Craig Michael, a father from Cyprus, whose child was abducted to Poland by a Polish woman,his former partner Marta. Attached is the story from the Cyprus Reporter.


This story is a very typical child abduction case (believe it or not). Same “reasons”, same events, and the same results. It is like a bad sequel, if it wasn’t a real very tragic and exhausting situation. Another child abducted by a clearly unscrupulous, with no morals woman, whose only concerned was her, not her daughter. Shameful indeed.

As in many other cases, Polish judicial system is failing. Unable, or rather, Continue reading “Another Polish mother decides to “return” to Poland taking illegally child.”

Anarchy is part of attorney education in Poland, today.

Having been exposed to many years in Polish and American courts, I could never understand why would seemingly educated and intelligent judge, prosecutor or social worker write an opinion, say something, that undermined or simply negated the basic rules of law and common sense.

Up till now, I blamed the situation in Poland on selected human stupidity (yes, some of the individuals talk and behave like people who never crossed grammar school level, namely street vendors in former communist Poland; simple people, you know, morons). I blamed it on senseless bias represented by most female judges, or unapologetic, in-your-face,  corruption. Profit-driven media, embracing a child abductor, did not help either.  All of these reasons still DO apply.

However, the bigger problem, which I discovered researching the recent story of Anika Kamińska, and only suspected as a possible reason up till now, is something new.  Probably even more dangerous.  Corruption of the idea, what exactly the existing law means to the well being of the entire Polish society. The corruption of the legal standards, which are being presented and taught to the future lawyers in Polish law schools and universities, is simply unforgivable.

Case in point. Continue reading “Anarchy is part of attorney education in Poland, today.”

There ARE some good judges and prosecutors in Poland.

As I continue watching a new case of another child abducted to Poland (Anika Kamiński), I realized one thing:  I have never acknowledged a group of judges and prosecutors who ARE doing their jobs in Poland. Attorneys who DO follow the law in regards to Hague Convention cases. Many times going against their own colleagues, Polish media, and very common, blind Polish nationalism. Many times these representatives of the law in Poland,  dearly pay with their personal carriers and are being discriminated by politicians and corrupt bosses.

Up until now, I never used the names of any particular individuals, who were involved in my cases throughout the years. I didn’t see any reason to create any unnecessary spectacle. I simply believed that keeping things in the courts, without media circus would be best for the case and the children. I only went to Polish media twice, in order to solicit their help in finding my children.  Telling my story publicly, was the price that the newspapers demanded in exchange for publishing the pictures of Amelia and Daniel.  The story that came out was slanted towards the mother, but still,  I thought worth the price of getting the message out.

Today, however, since the Hague Convention law became irrelevant in my case  I decided, that it is the time to break my silence. At least,  acknowledging the good, if not name the bad or corrupt (I am still thinking about it), must be done. It is the right thing to do.

In my case, the example of good is represented by  Judge Hanna Ostaszewska, who originally adjudicated my Hague Convention application case in Regional Family Court in  Gdańsk. She is the one who needs to be recognized at this time. Continue reading “There ARE some good judges and prosecutors in Poland.”

Kidnapping accomplice awaits criminal ruling in Watkins case

It looks that the Canadian court is going to sentence one of the grandfathers of Steven Watkin’s abducted children.  According to Mr. Watkins, his ex-father-in-law was actively participating in the abduction of his two sons, and he filed the criminal charges.  Due to a computer glitch of the presiding judge, the ruling in the criminal case will have to wait a few days according to the father.

Let’s see if the polish government again blows off the law and protects a kidnapper. Unlike the mother, polish law does NOT provide immunity to grandparents in parental child abductions.  This is going to be the first (that I know of) test case. Let see and watch. Continue reading “Kidnapping accomplice awaits criminal ruling in Watkins case”