Polish legislature changes procedures in recovering abducted children

Renata Majewska in her article published by Rzeczypospolita talks about recently approved changes by the lower house of the Polish legislature (Sejm) to change the procedures in dealings with international child abductions.
It is not yet clear from the article when the changes will take place.

The article is in Polish only … sorry.


P.S. Peter, thank you for bringing this article up to our attention. Hopefully, I will be able to use this new procedure in my case.

I just found a copy of the proposed changes. The changes have been made to stop any open custody proceedings from the time a Hague Convention application is filed (till now it was up to the left-behind parent to convince the judge to suspend any pending custody cases). Also, in place of a bailiff, a court appointed social worker will be responsible to enforce the return orders. In addition, according to the new law, police and prosecutor will also be obligated to help in recovering the children. I will contact the Central Authorities in U.S. and Poland to find out if they are aware of this new law. As it stands now, its final version is to be determined.
Bogdan 🙂