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Dr. Richard A. Gardner is an expert in PAS - a nightmare that no parents and child should experience in own life.
Christopher Yavelow, a father of abducted children to Europe appeals to the children of the world to help him recover his daughters.
Hi everybody, Today, July 11, 2001, the District Appeals Court in Gdansk overturned the decision of the first instance court in Gdansk, and ordered the returned of my two children Amelia and Daniel Szuta back to their home in California. In its decision, the Appeals Court has pointed out that the Regional Court’s decision did […]
Last Tuesday (June 12, 2001), Matthew and Cynthia Janowski returned with their mother back to the United States. Their father Cezary Janowski had kidnapped the children to Poland in January of 1999. in today's article (June 14,2001) described what really happened when Natalia J. was trying to execute her legal court order in Kielce, Poland last week.