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the Polish legislature passed – and the Polish President signed it - a new bill that changes current court order enforcement procedures as they pertain to the Hague Convention cases. Will things change? Time will only tell.
I think that you may find the attached document very useful. It is a Microsoft Word template for the complaints to the European Court of Justice. I know that few of you are working as we speak on such a document.
Renata Majewska in her article published by Rzeczypospolita talks about recently approved changes by the lower house of the Polish legislature (Sejm) to change the procedures in dealings with international child abductions.
For quite some time now I have realized that the problem of poor compliance by the Polish judicial branch is caused mainly by the fact that the Polish judges and attorneys do not understand and do not know the law of The Hague Convention Treaty. I could not figure out however, how to make a dent in fixing this problem.
I just received a fax from the Polish Central Authorities describing the procedure, which is used in Poland to enforce the Hague Convention treaty. Essentially, it is up to the left-behind parent to enforce the court decision to recover kidnapped children. As it stands today, Poland still fails to fully fulfill its Hague Convention obligations in this area...