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As the Children & Young People Now reports, the UK appeal court decided that the Hague Convention reasoning's have no matter in a recent case of children who were abducted from US to Nigeria. They justified their ruling, which in essence condones the action of abducting mother, with a "bigger good" of the children. Would they rule if she was.... of a different race?
European Court for Human rights issued another laughable decision in a case of international abduction
Www.gazeta.pl in today's article (June 14,2001) described what really happened when Natalia J. was trying to execute her legal court order in Kielce, Poland last week.
On September 5th, 2000 Polish Human Rights Comissioner (Ombudsman) has contacted the Minister of Justice of Poland in regards to the
execution of courts orders in cases where a child was abducted to Poland.