Day: June 14, 2001

W swoim artykule z dnia 15 czerwca 2001 r. Superexpress, opublikował następny stronniczy artykuł o sprawie Natalii Janowskiej. Tak zwana "reporterka", Magorzata Janczewska, ponownie z aprobatą jej przełożonych, opublikowała "sprawozdanie" z rzekomego poniewierania porywacza przez polskie i amerkańskie władze .
On September 5th, 2000 Polish Human Rights Comissioner (Ombudsman) has contacted the Minister of Justice of Poland in regards to the
execution of courts orders in cases where a child was abducted to Poland.
This site is a support place for victimized parents affected by international parental child abduction to Poland. The government of Poland has been a silent participant to this crime by not complying with the Hague Convention treaty laws. Statistics speak volume.
On September 16, 1998 – 3 year old Amelia and 2 year old Daniel went to Poland (Gdansk) on a 4-month vacation with their mother, Alicja Holly-Szuta. On November 28th during the phone conversation mother of the children has announced to the father that is had filed for a divorce and refused to return with […]