Polish corrupt judge rejects application for abducted children from Canada

I am saddened , but not surprised, to hear that Polish court rejected yet another  application under Hague Convention International law to return abducted children of [link id=’791′ text=”Steven Watkins”] to Poland by their mother. This pattern of blind Polish nationalism during international custody cases is a typical shameful occurrence.

Polish authorities fail to understand that child abductions are real crime. To this day, Poland does NOT recognize parental abductions as crimes. Pathetic regimes of many previous Polish governments for years promised to change this situation, yet nothing has changed. But they DO make really loud noises about visa free traveling to United States.

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My patience is running out

Gerardo, whose son Mycah was abducted to Poland, writes a short note from Europe.

I am in Amsterdam and I would like this story to be left on here if you don’t mind. I just had 2 of 5 days visitation with my son for a total of 6 hours. When the 3 hours were up friday the 30th of June 2006 my son waived to me to come to where he was standing. He said: “Dad, thanks for coming. I had a real good time today.” I took his face with both hands and I kissed him on the cheeck and told him “I love you very much [link id=’8′ text=’Mycah’].” The experts near the seen told the translator; he is very gentle with his son. I wish more fathers were like that.

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