There ARE some good judges and prosecutors in Poland.

As I continue watching a new case of another child abducted to Poland (Anika Kamiński), I realized one thing:  I have never acknowledged a group of judges and prosecutors who ARE doing their jobs in Poland. Attorneys who DO follow the law in regards to Hague Convention cases. Many times going against their own colleagues, Polish media, and very common, blind Polish nationalism. Many times these representatives of the law in Poland,  dearly pay with their personal carriers and are being discriminated by politicians and corrupt bosses.

Up until now, I never used the names of any particular individuals, who were involved in my cases throughout the years. I didn’t see any reason to create any unnecessary spectacle. I simply believed that keeping things in the courts, without media circus would be best for the case and the children. I only went to Polish media twice, in order to solicit their help in finding my children.  Telling my story publicly, was the price that the newspapers demanded in exchange for publishing the pictures of Amelia and Daniel.  The story that came out was slanted towards the mother, but still,  I thought worth the price of getting the message out.

Today, however, since the Hague Convention law became irrelevant in my case  I decided, that it is the time to break my silence. At least,  acknowledging the good, if not name the bad or corrupt (I am still thinking about it), must be done. It is the right thing to do.

In my case, the example of good is represented by  Judge Hanna Ostaszewska, who originally adjudicated my Hague Convention application case in Regional Family Court in  Gdańsk. She is the one who needs to be recognized at this time. Continue reading “There ARE some good judges and prosecutors in Poland.”

Amelia and Daniel Szuta kept captive since their vacation trip to Poland in 1998

On September 16, 1998 – 3 year old Amelia and 2 year old Daniel went to Poland (Gdansk) on a 4-month vacation with their mother, Alicja Holly-Szuta. On November 28th during the phone conversation mother of the children has announced to the father that is had filed for a divorce and refused to return with children back to California. Below are listed events that have taken place since then. Continue reading “Amelia and Daniel Szuta kept captive since their vacation trip to Poland in 1998”