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I have not been so diligent in posting the newest compliance reports issued annually by the US state department.  One reason, they have been gutted in an unbelievable way. I guess the need to “show results” by the new administration of “hope and change”, with the reality not so optimistic, my and few other cases of children abducted to […]
It seems that BBC is interested in making a documentary on parental child abductions to Poland (or maybe other countries as well).  Joe Kent contacted me via email asking if I knew any parents who live in U.K. who are (were) affected by this crime. I know that there ARE people living in England who […]
Last night, NBC Timeline had a story of abduction and recovery of Sean Goldman. His father David spent 5 years fighting his Brazilian wife and family in recovering abducted son back home to New Jersey.   The boy returned home 2 years ago in a big media frenzy instigated by his Brazilian abductors and media. […]
A piece of good news from the US government. It seems that the State Department is getting serious about tracking down international child abductors, and bringing them to justice, even when they they happen to be mothers. In today’s Daily Mail article we can read about the story about Eileen Clark, 54,  who fled to  Britain with […]
A crying girl with her father
The story of Joshua Izzard is typical: as he traveled to Rome, his Russian wife decided to "return" to her homeland. Besides two suitcases, she took their daughter, the "burgeoning chip" in the war with her husband.